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8 dogs and 1 cat missing after house fire in Lynn

Fire engulfs family home, pets are missing.
Fire engulfs family home, pets are missing.
Thor Jourgensen / Daily Item

On January 9, 2013 a fire spread through a house in Lynn, Mass. while the homeowners were not home, according to Item Live. Other residents of the home include eight dogs – six of which are puppies, one cat, two birds and two turtles.

Firefighters arrived to find flames engulfing the home. A utility line that came off the building forced the firefighters to work around it while putting out the fire.

The neighbors called the fire department when they saw the flames. They attempted to go inside the burning home to make sure the homeowners, Olden Romero and his parents, were okay.

Maria Rivas and her daughter Raquel Alvarado tried to open the front door, but the the window exploded.

The turtles and birds were reported to have survived the fire but the adult dogs, puppies and cat were no where to be seen.

The cause of the fire is under investigation.

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