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8 Clever Ways to Hide a Television

Clever ways to hida television
Clever ways to hida television

While it's an undeniable fact that we are a nation that enjoys watching television, the same can't be said for looking at the set when it's not in use. Here we will discuss eight clever ways to hide a television, which will not only improve the look of any room, but also help to protect the TV from dust, dirt, and damage.

Strategically conceal your television when it's not in use with any of the following ideas:

Fireplace - If your home has a fireplace that is never used, you can hide a television right inside. This way, when the television is not in use, you can close the fireplace screen and keep it hidden out of sight. If your home does not have a fireplace, you can still use this idea to conceal your television. Simply purchase a faux fireplace or have one built around the television itself.

Rotating media center - If you're willing to shell out a few thousand dollars, you can hide a television with this very ingenious product. Made by a company called Reversica, you purchase a rotating media center custom-built to your specifications, which will conceal your television and give you additional storage and display space. The unit itself has a rotating panel that holds the television on one side, and features built-in cabinet space on the other. When you're ready to watch t.v., rotate the unit. When you're done, rotate it again to hide the set. To see this amazing product for yourself, go to the Reversica website.

Curtains - Not everyone can afford to spend a lot of money to hide a television. If you're short on cash, try using curtains to conceal your television. This idea works for a traditional 'box' set or a flat screen or plasma t.v.. All you'll need to do is purchase several curtain panels with tab tops (or hang them by curtain clips) and a curtain rod. Install the curtain rod above the set so that the curtains can be pulled closed when the television is not in use.

Room divider / Folding screen - Here's another very simple way to conceal your television. Use a room divider or folding screen to keep the t.v. out of sight. This idea works especially well if you store your television in the corner of the room. When the t.v. is being used, set the divider to the side. Then, when you're done watching, simply pull it over and set it in front of the television.

Tapestry - Several companies manufacture stunning tapestries that conceal your television when not in use. With a wide selection of styles and patterns, there's a tapestry to fit any home decor. Best of all, many of the tapestries are motorized so it's easy to tuck the television away when not in use. To see an example of one company that offers this smart storage idea, visit the True Light Wall Tapestries website.

Shutters - This is a great way to conceal your television that is mounted on a wall. Wooden shutters can be installed on either side of the set and pulled closed when it's not in use. If your television is hooked to other media, and you need more than just shutters to conceal the space, consider using long paneled doors to keep everything hidden and out of sight. To make this idea work with your décor, paint the shutters or doors the same color as your wall so that they'll blend in.

Frame it - Here's an alternative idea to trying to conceal your television. Instead of hiding it, frame it with an attractive thick frame. For obvious reasons, this idea will only work with a wall mounted set, but it will really make the unit come together as part of the room. You won't find a picture frame to fit your set, but you can make one yourself using molding. Head out to any home improvement store and select wood molding to go around your television. There are many different styles to select from, so you can go as plain as you want with solid wood, or buy decorative crown molding with intricate detailing.

Armoire - An armoire will not only help to conceal your television, but it will also give you additional space to store DVDs, media equipment, video games, remote controls, and so on. An armoire will function as a piece of furniture in the room, so regardless of whether the unit has doors that can pull closed or not, it is a practical solution that will look attractive anywhere in the home.

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