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8 best exercises to get you ripped quicker

Running- If you want to shed fat rapidly, you must turn your walks into runs. 8 best exercises for getting ripped
Running- If you want to shed fat rapidly, you must turn your walks into runs. 8 best exercises for getting ripped
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Summer is officially here, and it's not too late to get your body in top beach condition. Try adding more of each of these exercises to get more out of your workouts and get in top shape before summer comes to an end. (View Slideshow)

If you want to get ripped quick, the exercise choices you make are as important as anything. Gaining the best results in the gym is all about efficiency- spending the vast majority of your time doing what works the best, as opposed to wasting time on exercises that are minimally effective.

When it comes to ripping the body up rapidly, there are several criteria that must be weighed and considered when choosing your exercises.

How many calories does the exercise burn per set compared to other exercises?

The biggest thing to consider when getting ripped is how many calories the exercise burns. Let's face it- the first thing you have to do when getting the body in top form is get rid of extra body fat, which comes down to calorie count.

It just so happens that the largest muscle groups of the body- those that require "compound" joint movements as opposed to single joint movements- burn the most calories. Why is pretty simple- they require more energy and difficulty to do, along with working multiple muscle groups. These exercises will usually work the legs, back, and chest the most.

How much does the exercise "isolate" the muscle?

When it comes to ripping up the body and muscles on your body, it is important that the exercise you choose leads to maximum isolation of the muscle being worked. This isolation is what triggers the maximum amount of muscle fibers to be broken down in the set to allow for definition and growth to take place in recovery after you workout.

So while the exercises must contain the most calorie burn, they also must lead to maximum isolation of the muscle groups being worked to lead to the cuts, size gains, and shreds in order to get ripped.

Is it efficient?

Does the exercise you select allow you to trigger results in 1-2 sets? While you should always train at least at 3-4 sets to get the best results for shape and definition, some exercises do have the ability to generate results when done correctly at just 1-2 sets relative to other exercises.

The reason why is because they work the majority of the entire spectrum of muscle groups, intensely isolate the muscle group being targeted, burn the maximum amount of calories within a 45-90 second set, and push the heart rate to above 80% of your maximum heart rate, which triggers a post workout metabolic rate increase of 12-24 hours, as opposed to the normal metabolic rate increases for only 6-10 hours when working out at lesser intensities with lesser intense exercises. Who can't use the additional fat and calorie burning when trying to get ripped?

Make sure to include these 8 exercises when aiming to rip up the body this summer. What are some other of your favorite exercises for getting ripped? (View Slideshow)

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