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8 adrenaline-filled date ideas that will get your heart thumping

Let's free fall together!
Let's free fall together!

There are countless ways to get closer to someone you are dating or in a relationship with. But perhaps the quickest way is getting outside of your comfort zone together. Adrenaline-filled dates are a great way to challenge yourself or even conquer a fear. Here are eight such activities for experiences you’ll never forget. You’ll especially never forget who you did them with.

1. Skydiving - The quintessential adrenaline-filled date has to be skydiving. Talk about taking the leap together -- sorry couldn’t resist! Jump out of a plane together, and you’ll remain on Cloud Nine for days.

2. Bungee Jumping - Although jumping off a bridge or crane with what is essentially a rubber band tied to your ankles may not be your idea of romance, this date takes the concept of "falling in love" to a whole new level.

3. Paragliding - Remember when you were a kid and you wished you could fly? Well, your date surely wished for the same. With paragliding, you can do just that. It may be a bit nerve-wrecking to run off a cliff, but once the wind carries you and your date into the air, you’ll experience together what it is like to be an eagle soaring through the sky.

4. River Rafting - It takes a great deal of teamwork to safely navigate white-water rapids. This date will be a win-win for you because either (1) you will stay on the raft, in which case your date will credit you for keeping him/her dry; (2) your raft will flip and you’ll be the hero to the rescue.

5. Paintballing - You and your date will go to battle together and cover for each other as paintballs whiz by. It's an activity that will be a surefire hit with your date.

6. Go-Kart Racing - Perhaps you have played the Mario Kart video game, but have you been Go-Kart racing with a date? Unleash your inner Michael Schumacher, and hit the track for a fun and unique experience that you and your date won’t soon forget. And remember healthy competition is always good, but try not to lap your date!

7. Flight Lesson - Give your date the high of a lifetime with a special flight lesson. You've been on commercial flights countless times, but there is something different about being on a tiny airplane, especially if the pilot lets you take the controls so that you are the one flying! This date is especially powerful over your hometown because you and your date will be able to see your city from a whole different view.

8. Flying With Me - How do you make your date feel like a million dollars? One way is to be their personal pilot. Of course, this assumes you have a pilot license or are willing to invest the time and money to get one. If so, you’ll be able to go on this ultimate date whenever you please.

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