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7th Annual Red Carpet Romance: A Hollywood Valentine's Day Party

“True Love Goes On Forever”
“True Love Goes On Forever”
Artie Wayne

Valentine's Day is less than a week away and if you're single, you're probably dreading the day and hoping it breezes by you quickly! However, the likelihood of that happening is slim to none, especially since Valentine's Day is a weekend long event this year and for some will continue up and through Monday (President's Day). Nonetheless, there are events for single folks like us. This years big event is being thrown by Boston Young Professional Association, Inc. They are throwing their 7th Annual Red Carpet Romance: A Hollywood Valentine's Party.

The event kicks off with A Classy Valentine's Singles event, where single people have a mixer for about two hours. The mixer includes a game that doesn't require your participation, but will facilitate in you and others getting to know each other better. The theme is Hollywood, and the game is to find your Hollywood match. i.e. Brad and Angelina or Neo and Trinity! How cool is that? Then the event turns into a classy ball for the grown and sexy, single and coupled. 

So singles don't fret, there are people that recognize that not everyone is in love on Valentine's Day 2010. So get out and mingle and keep in mind a very famous quote from Nostradamus: "Time is nothing. The desire to love is everything." The first step in meeting that special somebody, is putting yourself in a position to meet them. So come on out, you never know who you might meet!