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7Horse Readies Songs For A Voodoo Wedding

I'll be honest, when I saw the first word of the e-mail, I clicked on it, thinking it was Seven Horse Johnson, an Ohio band that includes a nephew of my former co-worker, so I got a little bit excited. I thought, huh, been a while, wonder what they're up to, could be cool, but then I clicked the link and listened to the first track. Wait a minute... is this the same band that I was thinking it was?

I hear a mention of Frenchmen Street, and I can instantly picture it, having lived in New Orleans before Hurricane Katrina and recently returning from a trip to the Crescent City. Nostalgia hits listening to it, as it has that groove and that funk, the type of sound that telepathically transports to the French Quarter. Really is Voodoo.

First few seconds of listening to the track, I was thinking Squidbilly's voice, the band Unknown Hinson, because of the guitar picking, which is impressive, at least in my opinion. Notes are crisp and clear on that high tune, and it kind of pulled me in. Yet, the country influenced was devoured by completely different sound, as mentioned before, that bluesy funk, with rock.

Skipping around, there's mention of Landing in San Francisco and making that drive, which I know all too well, having lived up north. The setting, the song, the catchphrase all fit so nicely together. For me, it was another time warp type of experience, and with music, that is key, being able to take a listener to that experience.

Just seeing the title "Carousel Bar" makes me think of the Hotel Monteleon, as it provokes that image. It isn't until I watch the music video for "Meth Lab Zoso Sticker" - which that name, in and of itself, is great, instantly producing a vivid mental image - that I realize, I've heard this band before on the Wolf of Wall Street trailer. It was that gestalt moment.

They're catchy. They have a unique sound with skill behind it. It's a refreshing meld of influences in a danceable upbeat dark rock.

On June 10th, 7Horse will release Songs For A Voodoo Wedding, coinciding with St. Johns Eve, a Voodoo Holy Day celebration honoring Marie Laveau. Keep an ear out for their new single “Flying High (With No ID).” For more information, visit

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