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$787.33 for cab ride: 2-mile cab ride costs pretty penny for one Illinois woman

Credit cards
Credit cards
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A woman was charged $787.33 for a cab ride that lasted two miles. On March 19, Yahoo! News reported that a woman from Illinois hopped in a cab to head to downtown Chicago but instead of forking over a few bucks, she was slapped with a ridiculous bill totally nearly $800!

According to the report, this happened back in December. Becky Siegel, 20, took a cab from the Ogilvie Transportation Center which was approximately two miles from a restaurant she was heading to meet some friends. On a normal day, a 2-mile cab ride might cost about $8. Not on this day, however.

Paying 787.33 for a cab ride is ludicrous to say the least and Becky wouldn't have paid that amount had she known about it. You see, when it came time to pay, Becky wanted to use a credit card. However there was a bit of fuss thanks to a "non-working machine.

Once they arrived at the destination the cab driver "gave her a price and she thinks it was, you know, under ten dollars and so she said, 'Can I use a credit card?' And he said, 'Oh, my swiper isn't working. Here give it to me and I'll do it on my Square," explained Becky's mother, Susan. Becky didn't think too much about the fare -- she told the cab driver to add in a $2 tip, signed her name, and was off and running to meet up with her friends.

The 787.33 for cab ride charge showed up on Becky's credit card bill the next month. While they were able to contact the cab driver -- Ali Ghazanfari -- he defended the charge saying that it was appropriate! He changed his tune once the police and the press got involved. Becky is working with Ghazanfari and her credit card company to try and resolve this issue and Ghazanfari's chauffeur license has been suspended in the mean time.

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