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75 Crochet trims

Caitlin Sainio
St. Martin's Griffin

Looking for a way to add finishing touches or upcycle clothing, table or bed linens, crafts or even a tote? Caitlin Sainio's latest book, "75 Exquisite Trims in Thread Crochet" for edgings, corners, crescents and more, will show you some wonderful options and ideas.

The trims are so varied and are amazing enough, you will want to crochet them all. Caitlin guides you through the basics. If this will be your first time crocheting, there are colored drawings and written instructions showing you how. The patterns are both written and charted. There is a symbols and definition page to answer all your terminology questions for this book.

Each trim is clearly photographed. You are also told the skill level, finished width and amount of thread required as well as given a chart to follow. Some crocheters like charts, others written instruction...she gives you both. All trims in this book are crocheted using size 10 cotton thread.

You can choose from flowers, leaves, loops, waves, snowflakes in one two and three colors. View vignettes of apple picking, Christmas items, snowmen, butterflies and turtles, dolphins, sailboats and even teddy bears on swings. Heights of the trims can span from 1/8" up to 2". The trims would make beautiful ribbon (to be reused) on a gift package.

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