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74-year-old released from prison after 32 years for murder she didn't commit

Mary Virginia Jones -- CBS News
Mary Virginia Jones -- CBS News
Mary Virginia Jones -- CBS News

Mary Virgina Jones, now 74, was released from Century Regional Detention Facility in Lynwood, California yesterday for a murder committed over 32 years ago by her boyfriend.

For years Jones maintained that she “did not willingly participate in the crime.” Her case was picked up by the University of Southern California’s Post-Conviction Justice Project.

They challenged the controversial case asserting that Jones’ boyfriend, Mose Willis, kidnapped two drug dealers and forced the woman to drive to an alley, where he shot both men. One of them was killed.

“She ran down the alley fully expecting him to shoot and kill her, too,” said Heidi Rummel, co-director of the Post-Conviction Justice Project and the supervising defense attorney on the case.

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A week before the murder, Willis shot at Jones”s daughter, Denitra Jones-Goodie, and threatened to kill both of them if they contacted police, according to defense attorneys.

“He pulled a gun on me and shot at me, and my mother witnessed that,” said Jones-Goodie. “And he threatened to not only kill me but to kill her and anybody else that came to our aid.”

Willis was sentenced to capital punishment but died waiting on death row.

Mary Virginia Jones' case is not uncommon. On March 11, Glenn Ford who had been on death row for 30 years was released from a Louisiana prison for a murder he didn't commit.

"After 30 years, Louisiana's longest-serving death row prisoner will get his freedom soon," Amnesty International USA senior campaigner Thenjiwe Tameika McHarris said in a statement shortly before his release.

"Glenn Ford is living proof of just how flawed our justice system truly is. We are moved that Mr. Ford, an African-American man convicted by an all-white jury, will be able to leave death row a survivor."

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