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72% of companies mistakenly believe they offer superior customer service

According to a recent survey 80% of companies believe they are delivering superior customer service while only eight percent of customers say they receive superior customer service. This gap means that at least 72% of the companies are incorrect about their ability to turn customers into lifelong supporters.

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72% of companies mistakenly believe they offer superior customer service.
72% of companies mistakenly believe they offer superior customer service.
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Failure to give superior customer service puts profits at risk and mean a business must increase their customer acquisition expenses.

When a customer receives superior customer service they are extremely likely to be loyal, dedicated, life-long customers. For every five percentage points a company is able to increase their base of loyal customers they are able to see a 25% to 100% increase in their profitability.

Many companies make an error by not really understanding what superior customer is or the importance it represents.

The airline industry provides a good example. Spend some time at the Delta terminal at Detroit Metro Airport and you will see both good and bad examples of customer service, many aspects of which are delivered at no cost to the airline. Being attentive to boarding passengers instead of talking among themselves in small talk is a way for flight attendants to provide security and safety to their passengers. Passengers may not directly comment on this aspect of service, but most do notice it.

The gate agent is also able to deliver an added degree of customer service by explaining first class upgrade policies or the reasons for a flight delay to passengers.

Clerks staffing the lost luggage desk are able to reassure passengers by providing soft explanations of the lost luggage policy and procedure. Add empathy for the passenger’s situation and these front line warriors will kill off the competition by showing a true understanding of the situation to the frustrated passenger. It will not make the customer completely happy about the misdirected baggage, but it will win lessen the situation.

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