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70s sci-fi review: 'Logan's Run' (1976)

Logan's Run was released in 1976, it starred Michael York, Jenny Agutter, Richard Jordan, Farrah Fawcett, and Peter Ustinov. Michael Anderson directed the film.

The film is a dystoian future flick that looks at a way to prevent overpopulation by killing anyone who is over 30. It's based on a the book written by William F. Nolan and
George Clayton Johnson.

"Logan's Run," is a cult film that everyone should see once at least, since pop culture has parodied it plenty of times. Though this movie is no laughing matter, (well some of it is funny) Logan (York) learns what's its like when he's at the other end of the stick.

The movie is quite fun and York and Agutter have good chemistry together. York and Agutter characters are not all that different, they both question everything, though Logan (York) likes to pretend to be more carefree. Especially when Jessica (Agutter) has him if he ever wanted to basically know who his mother is. It's outlawed to question such things, a place that is suppose to be a carefree, pleasure house is actually a rough, terrifying place to live when you look down deep.

Visually this movie is stunning and quite colorful. The scenes of the carrousel is a fine example of how creative the film is.

Will say one thing you have to have some patience to follow the movie, it does like to linger. Its pacing is the only problem for the whole movie, but it's a sci-fi movie with a plot other than a lot of effects and nothing to play off that.

The acting, storyline, and cinematography works for the movie. The movie won for special effects, those effects may look dated compared to cinema made today, but it's still stunning in most scenes. There is a lot that is put in the movie, to look like it's the 23rd century. Sure it has its flaws, will agree to that.

"Logan's Run," is a film that looks at overpopulation, ageism, and being led blindly with crazy ideals. So with its ideals, this movie still works perfect in this age. It's a cautionary tale about what is paradise. Would you give up your life, to live a place of pleasure?

3 1/2 out of 5 stars, don't overlook this movie too much!

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