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70+ Reasons to learn CPR

70+ Reasons to learn CPR
70+ Reasons to learn CPR
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Of course we all know the most important reason to learn CPR or Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation which is to possibly save a victim's life if it's needed at the scene of a cardiac event . As the now time tested television commercial you know the words to by heart tells us over and over now, "everyone knows that".

Also, in respect of your time are now all the other reasons in one of two formats, a quick answer and a let's get started answer , more later answer, in respect of your time for the other format . Your quick answer is you have at least 70+ requests , it's actually more like hundreds of requests, going on after each heart beat, requesting your heart through it's vast circulatory system, from multiple body systems, asking for specific nutrients, oxygen, vitamins , hormones, and more , carried by our blood that each body system, organ of the body or specific tissues of the body are needing something fro within that blood as the blood supply passes throughout the body . Think of it like the waiter or waitress at our favorite restaurant, while you have your mouth full of one bite of food, the service person walking by your table and asking , " is everything ok here or is there something I could get you ?" If our heart is not pumping out that life giving blood at the proper speed with the proper contractions per minute with properly oxygenated blood, life as your victim knows it.......stops.

Another format in which to share these 70+ reasons is to list each body system of the body from the framework of our body's anatomy into body systems in terms of the digestive system, the lymphatic system, the integumentary system , the urinary system, the respiratory system and other main systems of our body that require specialized enzymes, hormones , nutrients, waste removal cells, infection fighting T or B cells from within our white blood cell production in bone marrow , etc all requests that each of all our organs are all asking for all at once like a very busy office all wanting something all at once, no one wants to wait for anything, must have it now but wanted it yesterday kind of mentality...hey...sounds like where you work , doesn't it ? This format was your introduction to that answer, more later on that one.

For now, take my word for it that our body runs like you do at your work with the same demands for peak performance and peak production and our heart and your victim's heart in cardiac arrest or under attack demands that same output as well.

Have some time to learn basic lifesaving CPR and don't need card certification and you wan't it for free ? There are many very good websites to gain this information online, such as, or attend some free local library presentations or civic CPR presentations in your town or state. Need a BLS CPR Certification Card or Certificate required for your job sponsored by The American Heart Association or the American Red Cross ? for example, in Oklahoma, you can contact a certified provider of the American Red Cross that will come to your office for a fee and hold basic BLS American Red Cross Certified Training by simply contacting a provider such as the, which holds classes weekly on your site.

Last point here, reason number 71 in particular, many would argue the most important reason, saved intentionally for last. To give that victim's family a chance to give that family member another birthday.

Happy Heartbeats , Friend !

Doug McGehee