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7-year-old turns mom in: Doleful 7-year-old boy eyed mom cooking crystal meth

7-year-old boy turns his mother in for cooking crystal meth.
7-year-old boy turns his mother in for cooking crystal meth.
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A seven-year-old boy was disturbed enough about his mother’s behavior that he turned her in for “cooking something bad.” The young lad knew enough to realize that his mother’s recipe was not something a good mother would be whipping up, it was crystal meth, according to The Inquisitr on Aug 21.

The child lived with his mother and her boyfriend and the boyfriend’s brother is a man the boy has a great relationship with, so much so that he calls him “uncle.” Apparently the lad trusted his uncle because this is who he went to when turning his mother in.

The New York Daily News reports that it took several days for the little boy to work up the courage to tell his uncle about what was bothering him. He finally broke down and gave the uncle an eyeful by bringing him out to his mother’s car.

He told his uncle that his mother had something "very bad" in the trunk of her car and led the man out to the vehicle, which was parked outside of the house. The boy opened the trunk all by himself to reveal the contents to his uncle.

His uncle was shocked at what he was looking at. The trunk was full of all the things you need to cook the deadly drug, crystal meth. The uncle took the boy back into the house and called 911.

The uncle, who was still shaken at what this 7-year-old kid just showed him, said ti the the 911 operator that this 7-year-old boy had just told him that his mother keeps bad stuff in the car and he was right. The mother has a meth lab in the trunk, the uncle reported.

The 911 operator told the uncle to keep away from the car for safety reasons. Police came out to the house and the mother was arrested. Brianna Buchanan was arrested by the Edgewater Police on Friday.

Buchanan was charged with cooking and using the illicit drug. She may still face charges of distributing the drug, depending on what is found during the investigation. The little boy went to stay with his grandmother.

This wasn’t disturbing enough, but police report that when they opened the trunk, the meth-cooking paraphernalia was next to a bunch of the boy’s toys. When police interviewed the boy, they were astonished to hear just how much he knew about cooking the illegal drug.

The seven-year-old was able to describe in great detail how his mother made the meth from scratch. The grandmother, who is now caring for the boy, said that he is relieved to be out of that situation and he is looking forward to starting school.

Along with the charges related to the meth, Buchanan also faces a number of other charges including child neglect, illegal possession of chemicals and delivery. Thankfully the boy had the man he called uncle in his life. The uncle, who only gave his name as Peter, must have represented some type of stability in the child’s life for him to be comfortable enough to go to him with this.

Cooking meth can be lethal for anyone in the house at the time. The fumes are not only toxic, but explosive. While the child probably didn’t understand that part about the “really bad stuff” his mother had, it does sound as if he was disturbed by his mother’ behavior while she was under the influence of the drug.

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