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7-year-old sole survivor writes book 'To Heaven After the Storm' (Video)

7-year-old Ari Hallmall reads from her book, "To Heaven After the Storm"
7-year-old Ari Hallmall reads from her book, "To Heaven After the Storm"

To Heaven After the Storm is a website describing a book by the same name written by a seven-year-old girl.

It is an inspirational book using the words and drawings of Ari Hallmark who lost five family members in a tornado on April 27, 2011 in Alabama. Ari's parents, grandparents and baby cousin were killed while Ari survived.

Ari recounts her experience by drawing pictures of what she remembered before, during and after the tornado that left her without parents, grandparents and a baby cousin.

Ari describes seeing her family in heaven.

Ari paints vivid word pictures as she watched her family make the journey from earth to heaven and an angel taking her hand and leading her up a staircase to heaven showing her where her family went. Then Ari says she remembered the angel taking her back down the staircase. Later Ari wakes up in a field near her grandparents' house.

Hear Ari read from her book in the video on the left.

Those who have read the book are touched by Ari's simple but powerful way of sharing her hope about heaven at such a young age.

To find out more about Ari Hallmark and how to order her book, go to her website or her Facebook page To Heaven After the Storm.

Proceeds from the book will go toward developing, publishing and making free resources available for those who wish to start a ministry to help children deal with death.


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