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7 wonders of Austin

Lady Bird Lake as seen from kayak
Lady Bird Lake as seen from kayak

Daniel Johnston’s “Hi, How Are You” Frog Mural.

Inspired by a recent article about the newly selected 7 Wonders of the World (selected through voting), I thought it might be a good idea to point out 7 wonders of Austin that those new to—or even well-versed in—Austin, should definitely check out. Of course this list is unofficial, definitely biased and entirely based on my own opinion. So feel free to comment about those things you feel should’ve made the list….

The Seven Wonders of Austin: (in no particular order)
1. Daniel Johnston’s “Hi, How Are You” Frog Mural. Daniel Johnston, songwriter, musician, artist, created this graffiti-like mural in 1993, and it has subsequently became a landmark. Also known as “Jeremiah the Innocent,” this mural is located on the side of what was previously Sound Exchange located on the corner of 21st and Guadalupe (also known as “the Drag”) by campus. 

2. Lady Bird Lake (Formerly Town Lake). Formed in 1960, this reservoir of the Colorado River runs through down town Austin. Walking and biking trails line the lake on either side and it’s a popular area for tourists and Austinites alike to work-out and enjoy the scenery. 

3. The UT Tower. Built in 1936, this is the main building of the University of Texas at Austin campus. It is 27 stories high, which is slightly taller than the State Capitol, and the 4 gold-plated clocks are more than 12 feet in diameter.

4. Mount Bonnell. Also called Covert Park, this hilltop park located on a cliff overlooking Lake Austin is a popular tourist spot because of its remarkable view of the Lake, surrounding neighborhoods, and the 360 Bridge.

5. 360 Bridge. Also called the Pennybacker Bridge, this rust-colored steal landmark was completed in 1982 and connects traffic from the 360 loop otherwise known as the Capital of Texas Highway.

6. Lake Travis. Also a reservoir of the Colorado River, this lake was created in 1942 through the construction of Mansfield Dam. This is a popular spot for boating, swimming, and cliff diving.

7. Villa Antonia. Originally a personal residence built in 1998, this Italian villa hidden in the hills of Lake Travis became a common place to get married after several requests, renovations, and an expansion of the grounds. 

See the slideshow for images of all 7 wonders. For a more offbeat list, visit the 7 Offbeat Austin Landmarks.