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7 Ways you can have a memorable anime night

Maid Sama is a romantic comedy- fun and light hearted.
Maid Sama is a romantic comedy- fun and light hearted.
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Enjoying anime involves some form of verisimilitude. It is not just a cartoon and it is not a soap opera(although it can be). Here are a few tips on how you and your family can enjoy an anime night, any night of the week.

Plan your anime night right
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  1. Pick a time when there are zero interruptions. If you choose a time and place where folks will be asking questions and being plain nosey and needy, you will miss cool parts of the show. *Another tip: if you are streaming anime online, pick a time when weather will not interfere. If there is an impending storm and you have weak wifi, be prepared to be a stormy individual.
  2. Invite those who love anime as much as you. If you have people over who are not fans, it will be a bad night. Truly.
  3. Pick an anime everyone will love. If your family are into fantasy/action anime, don’t pick out something like, Maid-Sama. Try Escaflowne or Inuyasha.
  4. Do you have a favorite dish? These are Japanese animations you will be watching, so having some Japanese inspired meals should help jazz up your evening. Any Asian dish would do. It is just so you are more “into” the moment while filling up your belly.
  5. Try watching anime in subtitles. It can be a pain to read and catch the action, but did you know you could learn some real Japanese by watching it subbed? Try it and make a small game out of it to see who can guess what the characters are saying without reading the subtitle.
  6. Mini cosplay can happen any season. Just because cosplay and Nekocon happens once a year does not mean anime night have to be drab. Come dressed as your favorite character, or at the least be creative with what you don.
  7. Karoake anyone? You don’t need a karaoke machine. A cheap way is to pull up your favorite song on the web or your phone and try singing along with it. Even better, try learning the opening credits in Japanese and then sing them in English. Priceless!

Hopefully these tips have put you in the mood for anime night. Have any additional ideas? Please share them here and don’t forget to subscribe to your local Norfolk Animation Examiner for articles that matter to you.

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