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7 Ways to Spend the 14th as Your Own Valentine

Valentine's Day is about love; that includes self-love.
Valentine's Day is about love; that includes self-love.

In a culture that places so much weight on partnership, it’s easy to forget the one person who needs our love the most; ourselves. For those of us that will spend the holiday as a solo act, here are a few ways to keep the faith.

1. Dining solo. It is a universal experience; on the day that everyone is treating their significant other to an extravagant meal, the single population holes up in their apartments, curled up in sweatpants, and devours Ben & Jerry’s by the half-gallon. While ice cream and microwave dinners may be a staple of modern comfort food, there is a better way. Dress yourself in your best clothing- make yourself feel good and get out of the ‘house-clothes.’ Pick a restaurant you wouldn’t dare to visit alone, and then dare.

2. Celebrate. You aren’t the only single person you know. Call up your solo friends, and throw a big party, complete with games, food, music, the works. Whatever you are, it isn’t alone. (Don’t be afraid to invite your coupled friends; exclusivity is the wrong idea.)

3. Hit the alley. Not the brick paved one; the hardwood and lacquer one. Bowling alleys can be found in any moderately urban area, and offer a social atmosphere full of energy.

4. Visit the local See’s. Or Lee’s. Or [insert confectionary here]. If you think that you have no one to buy for, you are missing the spirit of indulgence. Just don’t buy the five pound box.

5. Set the mood. If you do stay in, stay in with style. Light some candles, open a bottle of wine, set the record player. This isn’t about romance; studies show that little touches like this are immensely beneficial for the psyche.

6. Go to the theatre. Whether it’s a Regal cinema or a local high school gymnasium, the performance arts heighten the production of mood-enhancing chemicals in your body. And who doesn’t love A Midsummer Night’s Dream?

7. Treat yourself. That thing that you’ve been aching to do for the last three months? There is no time like the now. If you are worried about being seen alone, don’t. After all, single people are just as lovely and important as the rest of them.


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