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7 ways to reuse the Houston Chronicle for the holidays

A lot of work and valuable resource go into making the Houston Chronicle. So, it doesn’t make sense to read it once and then recycle it or worse, have it thrown away. Besides reading the valuable information printed in the Chronicle, there are also several inexpensive, money saving and eco-friendly reuses for newspaper for the holidays.

1. Wrap it round
The Houston Chronicle can be used to wrap gifts in replacement of the traditional wrapping paper. To make newspaper wrapping more attractive colorful ribbons, pine cones, bows, drawings and so on can be applied or attached to the newspaper wrapping.

2. Fire starters and kindling
The newspaper can be tightly wrapped into newspaper logs and throw into the fireplaces. Making newspaper logs is less expensive and more eco-friendly than buying logs.

3. Newspaper weatherize
An inexpensive way to weatherize windows and doors in a house is to places rolled up newspapers against holes or spaces of a door or window. This will help reduce air leaks. Newspaper can also be the stuffing for a homemade draft snake.

4. Mail it safely
There is no need to buy packing peanuts to mail out a package when- shredded; balled or torn newspaper stuffed beside and around the item being shipped protects it just as well.

5. Newspaper-mâché gift
A homemade newspaper-mâché gift (vase, bowl, etc.) may take a few days to make (because of the drying required) but it is simple, inexpensive and when dry can be painted or decorated in a variety of ways.

6. Protect the decor
To help prevent breaking, use the Chronicle to wrap ornaments and other holiday decoration after the holidays are over and its time to put the holiday items away.

7. Now recycle it
After the newspaper has been reused as much as possible, the scraps can be placed in a compost bin or into a newspaper recycling bin located at a school, church or non-profit organization to help them raise money.

*Note: these steps can be applied to any Houston newspaper.