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7 ways to improve your marriage in 2014

Love and End of Year
Love and End of Year Diamanti

The year 2014 will be here in a few days, and it is the perfect time to get your marriage back on track. No matter what the status of your relationship is, there are always ways to improve it. Here are 7 no-fail ways to have a healthy relationship in the coming year:

-Make your marriage a priority. Don’t just say you are making your marriage a priority. Do it! When you do this, you will take your relationship into consideration every time you have a decision to make regarding time, money, employment, or other relationships.

-Spend at “least” 15 minutes of quality alone time together each day without the interruption of TV, the internet, or other people. This is not the time to discuss bills or problems. This is the time to reconnect on a positive level and remember all of the attributes that drew you together in the first place.

-Laugh together. Don’t take life so seriously. You both are going to make mistakes, but the majority of those mistakes are not life shattering. Does it really matter if he forgets to pick up his socks or burns dinner? Learn to laugh at those mistakes and just have fun together. Life is too short to take such insignificant events so seriously. Laughter will not only draw you closer together, it is good for your mental and physical health.

-Express your appreciation. When you live with someone, it can be easy to forget to express your appreciation for the small things that the person does every day. Start expressing your appreciation. This is a wonderful way to draw closer to your partner because it makes your partner feel validated and loved.

-Become a better partner by growing as a person. Just because you are married doesn’t mean you are joined at the hip. You don’t have to spend every waking moment together. You don’t have to spend all of your free time together. It is important for both of you to have your own interests and your own friends. This will help you grow as an individual, and you will have more to bring to the relationship. It will also help to keep your relationship from getting stale.

-Make a commitment to your physical health. There is no better time than the New Year to start getting in shape. Make a commitment to exercise regularly, eat healthier, and drink more water. The longer you are healthy, the more you can share with your partner. When you cheat yourself of good health, you are also robbing your partner of being the best you can be.

-Make a commitment to your spiritual heath. Spirituality is tied to both your emotional as well as your physical health. Where there is faith and hope, there is less stress and anxiety. No matter what your particular belief is, it is important to tap into your spiritual side. Less stress and more faith and hope will only bring positive energy into your relationship.

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