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7 Ways to hide your Fauxtog status

Oh Phones!
Oh Phones!
Katie Hedrick

Follow these 7 tips to keep you fauxtog-ness at bay:

  1. Especially if you are holding the newest Canon Rebel, no matter how compelled you feel to compliment someone on their “crazy awesome camera that must take simply amazing photographs,” don’t. It is not the camera that makes the photographs “amazing” but the talented artist. Compliment the artist first.
  2. Remove all hairbands from the wrists of your models. This is an instant giveaway to your, ahem, lack of attention to detail.
  3. If parents bring their babies and children to you alive and full of color, please to not make them grey zombie babies or statues from over editing. Likewise, little red demon babies are never cute. Never.
  4. Run from anything that pertains to railroad tracks, cowboy boots, or camouflage.
  5. Remove all images from Facebook that has multiple fonts, colors, and stretched photos, announcing your, “$15 mini-session with all images on a disc.”
  6. Stop obsessing over the “bokeh," and if you have to ask about the bokeh…you’ll probably never know.
  7. Turn the on-camera flash off especially when you’re over 15 feet from the subject. Chances are the flash is just making your images worse.

Last but most importantly, take your Rebel off of “auto” and go shoot something! You will go from fauxtog to photographer in no time!

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