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7 Ways to Eliminate up to 200 Calories a Day

Counting Calories
Counting Calories

Eating well and trying to limit the number of calories per day can be a daunting task. Of course, with ever healthy eating habit or food choices, there are ways to increase the healthy foods and decrease the extra calories.

So let’s face it, healthy eating habits can still add unnecessary calories each day. So what can you do? Learn to cut! Yes, there are many ways to cut out up to 200 additional calories a day through thoughtful choices in how you eat and what you eat. Here are 7 tips to eliminate up to 200 calories a day.

1. Eat in: The average restaurant meal contains 200 more calories than if you were to cook a healthy meal at home. A study by Public Health Nutrition showed that eating out meant 200 additional calories consumed, on average.

2. Oil Embargo: You can substitute low sodium vegetable or chicken broth for cooking rather than using butter or oils. Using one tablespoon of oil (vegetable, olive, etc.) will add 120 calories to your daily diet.

3. Nuts are a No-No: Although nuts are great for the heart, they are high on caloric content. For example, just 1 handful or 1 ounce of mixed nuts will add 175 calories to your daily diet. Best move is to steer clear of the nut bowl; there are other foods that are great for your heart.

4. Drop the Diet Drinks: Low calorie sodas and other diet drinks still have some calories. The average is about 10 calories per 8 ounce drink. Most drinks are 16 ounces…do the math, 1 drink is 20 calories and if you consume 5 or more, there’s a hundred calories you can eliminate for the day.

5. Say Bye-Bye to Condiments: Ketchup, mayo, or cream cheese, even in small amounts can add up. One tiny serving of mayo is almost 100 calories and a tablespoon of ketchup is about 20 calories. How much ketchup do you eat with your hamburger? You’ll save 100 additional calories per day.

6. Salads Yes, Toppings No: A salad is a great way to limit the number of calories consumed per day. But adding toppings can raise that number higher and higher. Try to limit the number of extra toppings, like bacon, nuts, or croutons to only 1. Cut the salad dressing in half and pile on the veggies. This can save up to 200 or more in added calories per day.

7. Know Your Serving Size: If you are eating prepared foods always check out the label. Know how many calories are in each serving, as well as what the serving size is. For example, a bag of potato chips is about 9 ounces and can be a total of 1,260 calories. A serving size is 15 chips, which is 140. Eat 30 chips and you just packed on 280 calories; and you are most likely still hungry for more.

Try these and other tips to roll back the number of wasted calories per day. You’ll feel better and you’ll look better as you eliminate unnecessary calories and continue to eat healthy and exercise routinely.

-- Kevin Feather

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