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7 Ways Stephen King’s novel ‘Under the Dome’ differs from the TV series

Season 2
Season 2
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Unless you are a huge fan of Stephen King’s gripping novels, you may not know some of the differences between the bestselling novel and the CBS smash hit “Under the Dome.” There is always some disparity between book and celluloid isn’t there?

Previously, there have been hints that King may write an episode if the show returned for a second season. It does and he does. Not only did King write the first episode but in true Stephen King fashion he will make a cameo appearance in the episode. So just in case you’ve become hooked on sci-fi drama and have not read the book, below are few tidbits to whet your appetite until its season two premiere on June 30.

On the show: Rose is killed in the diner.
In the Book: She lives.

On the show: Angie and Joe are brother and sister
In the Book: They are not related.

On the show: Barbie is just passing through Chester’s Mill, stopping to bury Julia Shumway’s husband.
In the book: Barbie was already a Chester Mill resident.

On the show: A jealous Junior Rennie locks Angie McCain up.
In the book: Junior kills Angie in the beginning of the story.

On the show: The town folk who are trapped under the dome cannot hear the people on the outside.
In the book: People can hear and talk to one another on either side.

On the show: Linda is engaged to a fireman and is a full-time officer especially with the sheriff now dead.
In the book: she is a part-time cop, married with two children.

On the show: Julia Shumway is married (although it took a while for her to discover she’s been newly widowed).
In the book: Julia has been divorced for 10 years.

And can you imagine Big Jim turning into a nice guy?

“Under the Dome” stars: Dean Norris, Rachelle Lefevre, Mike Vogel, Alexander Koch and Natalie Martinez.

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