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7 Tips to Buy the Best Quality Maternity Wear

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Congratulations! You’re pregnant. Besides the glowing skin and the happiness, however, being pregnant also means a growing belly, fat on your body and newer, bigger clothes!

Clothes during Pregnancy
Your mental health and happiness during your pregnancy is as important as your physical health. Nobody wants to feel bulky and ungainly in regular clothes that will clearly not fit you once you are pregnant. The solution to this is to buy the maternity wear that is both, comfortable and looks good on you, so that you feel beautiful even with all the extra fat on your body.

Getting Bigger
You will have to accept the fact that when you are pregnant, your belly will grow and your body will become bigger. Even after your delivery, this fat won’t disappear immediately. There are a few lucky women who will make you envious with stories of how they wore their pre-pregnancy clothes back from the hospital after their delivery. These women, however, are genetically gifted and you shouldn’t compare yourself with them. During the first trimester, you will gain weight and look bigger, but not enough weight to look pregnant.

Initial Shopping
During your first trimester, you won’t need proper maternity clothes yet. You should begin by simply buying clothes of bigger sizes. An increase of two or three numbers more from the normal size you usually wear should be enough. These clothes will come in handy before a well defined baby bump appears. Of course, it is true that buying these clothes may come to be heavy on your pocket. Even after your delivery, however, it will take you six to twelve months to lose all the weight you gained during the nine months. These clothes will come in handy during that time.

Belly Band
One way to make your regular clothes last longer is to unbutton or unzip your pants and wear a belly band underneath it. This will make your regular clothes feel roomier and make it feel like your pants are staying put on your belly. There are various kinds of belly bands available in the market, so buy a good quality one. This is one area where you don’t want to skimp. You will also want to make sure that your belly band doesn’t remain visible, so wear longer sweaters and tops. Keep in mind that if the belly band loses elasticity, you will want to keep pulling your pants up but will be unable to do so.

Maternity Clothes
It is during your second trimester, 14 to 16 weeks into the pregnancy probably, that your baby bump will begin to show up. Around this time, you will want to wear the maternity clothes you have invested in. These clothes are designed so that they can be worn till the very end of your pregnancy, so they will flow and be pretty loose. If you are the kind of person who used to wear well fitted clothes, maternity wear might annoy you. You could then buy a few tight tops or belly band to keep your maternity pants up.

Online Shopping versus Stores
It is always a good idea to try on clothes before you buy them, especially if it is maternity wear that you are buying. For that reason, try going to maternity stores near your vicinity to try and see how the clothes look on you. Once you have figured out what style and size looks good on you, you could try looking for more maternity clothes online where you may find a better variety. There are the stores like Gap which have great maternity wear but not a maternity section in each of their outlets. In such a scenario, you can try looking for their clothes online. Just ensure that the website you are buying from has a return policy, in case you don’t like the clothes you have bought.

The Investment
If you are buying your maternity wear that you want to last for multiple pregnancies, you will obviously have to spend more than for clothes that will last for a single pregnancy. Jeans that you pay $100 for will definitely last longer than ones that cost $30, because of their better making and fabric. Good elasticity in the clothes you buy, found usually in maternity wear from higher end clothing stores, will ensure that your clothes can be worn in your second and third pregnancy as well.