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7 tips for surviving Thanksgiving as a single

1) Dress up and show up. That's 90% of life anyhow! You're fabulous; let your family and friends see it.

2) Be thankful…even for Mr. Wrong. Jerk or not, even he has given you something to be grateful for.

3) Decline all offers family make to set you up. A conversation that starts like this…“I have a friend at work whose son is your age. He is an engineer and so handsome! I could easily get you a date…” never ends well.

4) Put down the extra slice of pie. You will not find your next true love at the bottom of that pie pan…promise!

5) Remember: you’re on your own schedule. Come and go to gatherings as you please.

6) Take unsolicited advice with a grain of salt. "You know, Kate...if you're going to get married, I suggest you do it sooner rather than later." (Yes, I actually had a family member offer up this gem of advice!)

7) Don't accept pity. Being alone for the holidays isn't as bad as people think. We get the WHOLE slice of pie. No sharing required!


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