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7 Tips for Attention-Grabbing Resumes (article by Rick Gillis,

Wanted to share this article with my audience... but also wanted to make sure folks new that this website also has some wonderful resume templates and a FREE resume builder tool that might be helpful to many of you out there.

Would like to hear what folks have to say about the website services and this article.

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7 Tips for Attention-Grabbing Resumes
Craft Your Resume Like a News Story to Get Attention

By Rick Gillis, contributing writer. URL:

Think Like a Journalist

Think of how many news articles you read daily. Now think about recruiters who review hundreds of resumes day in and day out. What makes the difference between an article -- or a resume -- that may be eagerly devoured in its entirety, and another that merely receives a passing glance? What has to happen in that 3- to 10-second span to garner attention and keep the reader engaged?

While the newspaper industry has fallen on hard times during the last few years, it behooves you to think like a journalist when crafting your resume. This mindset may enhance your chances of cracking the barrier between you and your next job, so here are some things you need to include to quickly capture the attention of employers.

See URL above for the entire article !!

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