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7 things Obama can do to be a better president

The angry First Lady

What a miserably awful year 2013 was for president Obama. Not that he thinks it was and what's particularly striking is how his followers are so cult-like in their defense of him. He can use the government to harass political dissent, tap the phone lines of a major news organization and foreign leaders; change laws and refuse to follow others; attempt to nuance the many lies about health care; makes a treaty with Iran that allows them to continue to produce a bomb while we drop sanctions. I'm leaving a lot out, I know.

The Democratic party has become the party of the charisma and adulation of one man and everything he does no matter how bad, it's all okay because he is the one doing it. This is typical of all leaders in history that have their own insignia. Oh, did I mention he has his own insignia?

Here are 7 things the president can do in 2014 that will be good for him and the country:

Play more golf:

Is this really a bad thing? When he's playing golf he's not being president and when he's not being president that's like a couple of hours of what 2017 looks like.

Take more vacations.

He can't even do this right. Earlier in 2013 he had a plane sent from Washington just to deliver the family dog just because he either forgot or missed him. Take more vacations, that's fine. Relax, play golf since the First Lady looks like she hates you with recent photos of her scowling face ever since the disastrous funeral where you amazingly had too much fun laughing with a blond. As for the First Ladies now famous scowl...

Be nice to Michelle:

Because when he's not, it's frightening. I would suggest that if any of our enemies act up send the First Lady to that country to just look at em.

Be like Clinton, well, not exactly like Clinton:

The best thing about the Clinton administration is that it did nothing in last 6 of the 8 years of his term. He passed no bills that were his own and in the meantime spent a majority of his presidency defending himself in court because of his creepy behavior with women. The economy did well, congress was busy cutting taxes and slashing the deficit and all the attention was on a stained dress. Let's hope Obama is distracted to that extent but not for the same reasons.

Fire Eric Holder:

No one in government has ever been more contemptuous of the law and this guy is the leading prosecutor. He found it fit to crack down on the knockout game but only after a jerk white guy decided to try it. The list is too numerous to site. He still has to answer to why he gave away a huge arsenal of guns to Mexican drug cartels (unbelievable) that resulted in a death of an American law enforcer. Like I said the list is long and seedy.

Spend more time with Hillary:

She's going to dodge Obama and in time will start to distance herself from him because aside from his cult, no one likes him and she will take advantage of it. Don't let her. She has to be pinned to the same dopy left wingy agenda and like her husband will jettison anything and everything that stands in the way of gaining power. The only thing worse than Obama is a person with the same beliefs who is a workaholic.

More Sequestration and shut downs:

The sequestration and the government shut downs were said to be bad bad events for the country but this year, with government at its most dysfunctional, with congress blocking every single item he proposed, the economy did better than any year of this terrible presidency thus dispelling a public relations lie on how much these things "cost" the economy.

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