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7 Sure-fire Basic Early Morning Workouts

Feel good every day with a great morning start
Feel good every day with a great morning start
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Most people complain that they have no time to workout. If you don' make time for your health be ready to make time for sluggish-ness and dis-ease. (not at ease)

I recommend you do them in the morning. You will find you will have more energy at work and be in a better mood throughout the day. Start your morning with a nice tall glass of orange juice, you will feel good and strong and end your workout try and drink protein shakes. You will be hungry afterwords especially if your leaving to go to work. And you won't feel guilty or bloated.

These 7 basic workouts can help anyone at any stage get back "in the game."
Add more reps of each as you feel stronger. Or let me know when you're ready for some new challenges.

First stretch out your body by reaching high up into the sky and then reaching down and touching your toes. Do this a few times.
Next, with your body standing straight and your feet shoulder width apart, anchored to the floor by means of simply feeling yourself in a solid straight foundation and feeling a connection to the floor turn just your upper torso to the left and then to the right. Feeling a good stretch on your sides and back. Do that a few times.

Then my favorite stretch of all, and I do this with all my clients, is to sit on the floor with feet apart like a V-shape; Reach both hands to corresponsing legs bending your body down towards the middle, hold that for 20 seconds. Then reach for each leg individually and hold for 20 seconds. Do atleast 3 times each - left leg, right leg and then down towards the middle each time trying to reach further down.

Ok, now we're ready to start. Get up and shake your body out.

This is your basic goal, Now Give me:

1) 25 jumping jacks
2) 10 pushups
3) Run in place for 30 seconds
4) 15 squats
5) 25 abdominal bicycles
6) 25 crunches
7) 25 arm circles both forward and back

If you feel stronger, add 2 reps of each exercise

This is simply a great start to a non active morning.
Remember working out should not be a chore, it is an obligation to yourself and your family.

We all have better moods and perform better when our endorphins are moving productively and exercise does that so perfectly.

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