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7 Steps to Freedom in an Enslaving World

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As this year comes to a close, most of us are waist deep in this holiday season, and many are reminded one again just how negatively the powers that exist nationally and internationally are at work. With the Obama-care issue reaching new heights of insanity, 2013 has been a benchmark year, reflecting just how much our individual freedoms are at stake like never before. There’s little doubt that the society that we all live in is making every effort to form us into it’s robotic, faceless mold. Governments and corporations constantly seek to control us in ways that the majority of the population has no awareness of. As disturbing as all of these may be, there are things that we can all do to maintain our individual freedom in the world we live in. We don’t have to blindly accept the status quo. The recent passing of South African anti-apartheid revolutionary Nelson Mandela at 95 years old serves as an example of how one man can make a difference, and can change a society for the sake of others. Any one of us has the potential for greatness, to rise up as a beacon of light in the darkness, changing the surrounding landscape of our culture. There are things we can do to break free from the chains that often bind us. The following steps aren’t some magical formula for instant liberation, but a things that one must commit themselves to on a regular basis.

1. Don’t Accept Everything You Read, See, Or Hear.

This is vital to anyone striving to break free from the matrix of social conformity. The mainstream media outlets are mostly committed to influencing Americans to remain in a constant state of distraction. Sadly enough, their efforts are effective. The majority of people live in a perpetual state of disillusionment. We are all tempted to devote our attention’s to the latest news story, whether it be the latest celebrity gossip, sporting events, political talk, so on and so forth. In order to develop an awareness of how deceiving the influences of our world can be over us, we have to make a clean break from it’s seduction. The way we do this is by avoiding an attitude of blind willingness and passivity. In this regard, the internet and bookstores are our most effective weapons. Seek out alternative news websites and books, and expose yourself to different ways of thinking that diverts from the mainstream, such as and, just to name a couple.

2. Don’t Be Afraid To Be Your Own Person.

Way too many people are so brainwashed by the influences of their culture that they’re afraid to express their true unique individuality, which is unfortunate. Originality is very limited nowadays, and many people have been programmed to believe that they have to fit into certain molds of what they can do and be. It’s not too late to follow your dreams and do the things that are in your heart and soul, regardless of what everyone else thinks. Nobody need be a mindless clone. Breaking away from the enslavement of the world around us involves realizing that much of how we dress, think and talk are the product of years of social conditioning. Society actual has people afraid to be themselves out of fear of not being accepted or having no friends. Instead, swim upstream and be different.

3. Avoid Negative People And Places.

Our outlook on life is determined in large degree by those whom we choose to socialize with, and where we choose to hang out on a regular basis. If we’re constantly spending time with people who say, think and do negative or destructive things, it’ll sow those things in our lives. Whatever we reap, we’ll also sow, this is a natural and spiritual principle that’s as certain as gravity. People are like elevators, they will either bring you up or down. Choose your friends carefully, and where you choose to spend your time. Instead, choose to surround yourself with individuals that inspire and impact you in positive ways. The fact is, we will become like those we spend the most time with, just ‘As iron sharpens iron, one man sharpen’s another’ (Proverbs 27:17).

4. Focus Yourself On Positive Things.

Negative and bad things are a fact of life, and we are going to be impacted by them, no matter what we do. People are going to die, and things that we don’t completely understand right now are going to occur because we live in a fallen world filled with corrupt human beings. This being the case, we don’t have to relegate ourselves to the negativity and destruction of the world. We can decide to be positive, and be full of life, love, faith and hope. Being positive doesn’t mean living in a dreamworld, denying reality, or refusing to acknowledge anything negative, as some extreme religious groups may do. What this does mean is concentrating your heart, soul and spiritual energy on things that have redemptive value. Regardless of how negative and oppressive our world is, each one of us can still choose to remain positive about life.

5. Take Care of Yourself.

Being physically healthy and being mentally healthy are different sides of the same coin. Having healthy bodies makes it easier to think healthy thoughts, and vice versa, just as the discipline that we have regarding our bodies carries over into our thoughts, and ultimately, our actions. This is why eating natural, organic and unprocessed foods and getting plenty of exercise is so important. By avoiding foods that are nutrient deficient, loaded with sugar, and various chemicals contained in junk food and soft drinks, we should make the choice to consume things that will promote mental and physical health. With that said, avoid being too rigid in this area. Nobody’s perfect, so maintain a balanced attitude in this area, and don’t beat yourself up if you don’t eat perfectly once in a while.

6. Get Outside and Enjoy Nature.

This sounds overly simplistic, but it’s very important. Natural sunlight and oxygen provides things that we can’t get by being indoors. Going for a walk, run or just sitting outside for as little as fifteen minutes a day can make a big difference in our lives. Breathing fresh air, and enjoying our natural surroundings are one of the healthiest things we can do physically, mentally and spiritually. Most people are vitamin D deficient, and the primary reason for this is due to low exposure to natural sunlight, especially during the winter months. Vitamin D is vital to natural health, just as pure water, and is also a strong weapon against up to seventy percent of cancers.

7. Seek the Truth, and Keep Seeking It.

The truth is constant and unchanging. What was true yesterday, or two thousand years ago, is still true today. The scriptures tell us that ‘you shall know the truth, and the truth will make you free’ (John 8:32). In order for us to be free, we have to know and understand what the truth is. Spiritual truth is the only catalyst for real change, and the only real hope for humanity. Part of this truth is knowing that we were all created by a personal God, in His image, and that He always wants us to connect with Him. Truth is divine in nature, and exists outside of human religion, organizations, and systematic structures. Remaining free in this world means seeking the truth for yourself on a daily basis, outside of whatever church our groups you may belong to. Regardless of how negative our world is, it’s not too late to reboot ourselves so that we can live free lives in the midst of it. Be revolutionary. Be extraordinary!



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