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7 sex upgrades to make to your bed

You are no longer in college boys so if you want a successful dating life here in LA you need to throw out the twin size sheets and bed and pick up some tips on how to upgrade your bed for a better dating and sex life.

First, if you are the rough and tumble type of lover, you might want to consider throwing out your mattress and getting a latex mattress. These are strong and durable and can withstand almost anything.

Or, second, if you don’t feel like sleeping on what basically amounts to a giant condom, you can go with memory foam. Memory foam, even as a mattress topper is very quiet so you won’t disturb the neighbors and it is also moldable and durable.

Next, get some new sheets and go for the expensive stuff, at least one set. They should be 400-thread count or more. Egyptian Cotton is a perfect example of the perfect feeling sheet. Do not go for satin sheets, that is too cliché.

Make sure the sheets are white. I highly doubt you have ever been to a hotel where the sheets were green. Nothing makes a girl feel better than a vacation and white sheets is as close to a vacation as you might be able to get.

Use unscented detergent. Scented detergent might make you seem too feminine or remind the girl you are with of other women.

Sixth, get a foam pillow. Down pillows are nice but they lose their fluffiness after a while. Foam pillows are practically made for sex and are extremely comfortable no matter where they are positioned.

Last, buy a platform bed frame. They are modern looking, close to the ground, and are very steady.

You never know until you try.

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