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6 Dallas bartenders share their secret hangover cures

Josh Uecker of The Blind Butcher prevents a hangover by downing a bottle of pedialyte before going out drinking
Robert Stahl

Nobody knows how to get rid of a hangover like a bartender. Hey, don’t get me wrong, not all of us party like rockstars. But you’d better believe that when it comes to chasing away the aches and pains of a night of overindulgence, bartenders do it better. If you’ve checked out my recent articles, you know that the only thing that truly gets rid of a hangover is time and rest. But according to these past bartenders of the month, there are a few tricks to help you minimize your suffering. We caught up with these busy drink slingers to ask them, “What’s your secret hangover cure?”

Josh Uecker, The Blind Butcher
Pedialyte. If you know you’re going to party that night, go to Walgreen’s first and pick up a bottle. Chug half of it down and then fill the rest with water and finish. It’s a trick a learned from another bartender who’s also a paramedic.

Jason Parsons, Kitchen LTO
I’m usually down with anything that involves club soda, bitters and lime. I’ve even been known to throw some vodka into the mix. Or a maybe I’ll treat myself to a michalada (bloody Mary mix, beer and lime) with a nice salty rim.

Eddie Eakin, Boulevardíer
Coconut water and a nap.

Aaron Howard, Neighborhood Services Bar & Grill
Bacon. Lots and lots of bacon. I’m likely to get a big omelet loaded up with sausage and bacon, with extra bacon on the side, of course. And lots of water. On rare occasions, more drinking always seems to help.

Ryan Payne, The Dram
Three Excedrin, some Whataburger and a bowl.

Louise Owens, The Windmill Lounge
Get going. Get the hell out of bed. Take a murderous walk on a baking hot summer morning, go swimming or head down to the hottest sauna or steam room you can find. Go for a bike ride. Do not stop moving. Burn, burn, burn until you feel refreshed enough to go out for cocktails in the evening. That's all I have after many decades of research.

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