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7 Recent EdTech Startups To Keep Your Eye On

EdTech Startups are everywhere nowadays. There are gazillion new educational tools that require your attention, which makes it difficult for a teacher and a student to make the right choice. As in everything else – there are some real jewels among the newly-promoted educational tools, but there are also those that don’t put anything inventive to the table.

To make the choice easier for both students and teachers, we will list the top 7 educational technology startups that deserve your attention.

1. Skaffl

This mobile platform provides effective apps that simplify the communication within the classroom. This project attracted great attention as soon as it was promoted, for all the right reasons.

Braket, Skaffl’s project which is soon expected to be available in the App Store, was designed for teachers to collect assignments digitally. Students can use their iPads to complete assignments easily, and teachers can access them directly via Braket.

This not only makes the process of completion and collection simpler, but also helps students and teachers to organize all documents in one place. No one will forget due dates again, and students will definitely become more effective when working on their assignments.

2. TutorsClass

Finding the right tutor is finally made easy with the help of TutorsClass – an online tutoring platform that offers plenty of tutoring tools in an effective virtual learning environment. This concept was immediately received with praise by tutors because it enables them to take care of their tutoring business easily while attracting more students to follow their lectures.

Students also love TutorsClass because it makes the tutoring sessions relaxed and easy to follow. All they need to do is schedule a session in convenient time and log in to join one-on-one or group classes.

3. QuadWrangle

This software platform enables alumni engagement while making the concept more valuable and personal. Alumni are taken to different directions after graduating, but they are always drawn back to the institution that made their student life unforgettable. The foundation of QuadWrangle is the belief that the best renewable resource for educational support is the community of graduates who managed to build successful careers.

4. Writinghouse

Every writer needs a helping hand from time to time, and that is especially true when it comes to academic writing. Students damage a lot of nerves while working on the papers their professors assign, but Writinghouse makes this work much easier by enabling them to forget about the referencing style they need to implement. All they need to do is use this free citation generator and the sources they used will be properly cited according to the referencing style they choose.

Professors also love Writinghouse as an inevitable tool that makes their work on textbooks less stressful.


Today’s curriculums require every student to submit an endless number of essays, research papers, homework assignments, thesis papers, PowerPoint presentations, and so on. Students who want to work their way towards an impressive academic record cannot allow themselves to miss a deadline or submit unsatisfactory papers.

With the professional writing and editing assistance of Help.Plagtracker, everyone can get great grades by submitting flawless content every time. The most important thing is that students will be sure that their papers are free of plagiarism when they rely on the help of this service.

6. EssayMinions

Should you happen to need a help of professional teachers or writers don’t hesitate and turn to this platform. It’s obvious that this variant is not an ideal one but sometimes it can be really helpful and save you a lot of time. All you need is to know the topic the writers are supposed to write about and requirements. This platform was developed by two young students willing to help change student life.

7. Campuscene

This college search platform is extremely useful for admission offices and college applicants. Students can explore many schools through virtual tours that enable them to get a feel for the campus life. This platform also provides valuable information about the buildings and programs of different colleges, and the explorers can save all data relevant to their interests.

Don’t be tech-shy! Start exploring these awesome tools today!

Although technology advancements are perceived as the doom of our civilization by some critics, even they cannot deny that the right tools can do wonders when put in the right hands. The tools we mentioned above are extremely useful for both students and professors, so you should start exploring them as soon as possible – they will lead to an inevitable productivity boost.

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