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7 Reasons why if you do one race this year, it should be The Spark Run

Spark Run
Spark Run
Courtesy Spark Run

Summer is the season for races and for music festivals, and whichever activity you prefer there are many ways to partake all over the country—but there are very few where you can do both. The Spark Run, which kicks off in Denver on Friday, will span the country hitting Los Angeles, D.C., Chicago, Charlotte and Miami throughout the summer. On Friday, Dick's Sporting Goods Park in Denver will be ablaze with color as runners and EDM fans embark on a 5K that benefits Special Olympics Colorado. Kaskade, famed DJ and producer, will be running the race then greeting finishers with The Ultimate After Party. If this wasn't enough to encourage even the most nonathletic individuals to get off the couch, then here are seven more reasons why you should participate in The Spark Run.

Run with, see and hear Kaskade live

The famed DJ and producer is not only performing at The Spark Run, but he also intends on running in it. All race finishers will be greeted by the Ultimate After Party, which will feature Kaskade's soothing EDM. So not only do you get to hear a renowned DJ live; you get to run a 5K with him! The kicker? Registration to The Spark Run is only $50, whereas tickets to see the DJ can usually run in the high $100s.

Get double the exercise

Training for and running a 5K is a terrific way to get in shape, but at The Spark Run, it won't be the only moving you'll be doing. Kaskade will be blasting live music throughout the race and ensuing after party, ensuring that you'll not only be motivated to finish, but will also be burning calories double-time with tons of dancing, both during and after the race.

Play dress up

The Spark Run isn't the only “fun run” where participants get dressed up in costumes, but because there isn't a real designated theme, your race outfit can be anything you imagine. Whether you highlight your face with team colors in glow-in-the-dark paint, dig out last year's Halloween costume or get decked out in your favorite dance clothes, the options are limitless.

Run in the dark

The starting gun will fire at 8 p.m. to mark the start of The Spark Run, ensuring that much of the race will take place under the stars. Running at night is often a novel opportunity, and with the safety of friends and family, will be one of the most exciting marathon runs/walks you'll experience.

Fun with glow sticks!

When you're running in the dark you'll need some light to guide your way. The Spark Run participants are encouraged to bring flashlights, LEDs, glow sticks or anything else that glows to illuminate the race. Registrants will receive an LED bracelet and glow necklace to get them started.

Be a part of history

The Spark Run is the first event of its kind, and the uniting of EDM and fitness is an obvious union. These events, which speckle the country, may be the start of many musical runs, but this will be the first.

Partake in a workout that's actually fun

Though 5 kilometers (or 3.1 miles) is no short distance, The Spark Run has been coined a “fun run” for good reason. Hitting the pavement, under the light of the moon donned in festive attire ensures a good time. Who said exercise can't be fun?

Register for the Spark Run here.

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