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7 reasons turning Texas Red blue in 2014 won’t matter

Been there and done that.

Please don’t interpret this as my suggesting it’s possible to turn Texas red, blue. If that were to happen, however, it would not make even one tiny rat’s ass bit of difference for the marginalized, oppressed people of color of Texas red.

Southern Red States turned Blue

(As I put this blog entry together I kept hearing Roger Hornsby’s “That’s the Way It is” in my thoughts.

Consider that Southern states turned violently Blue in the mid 19th Century in reaction to one major policy carried out by President Abraham Lincoln. Southerners protested being deprived of “property” (slaves) without due process---apparently not buying the proposition that the War Between the States was “due process” by other means. The entire concept is humorous---in a very violent way---but humorous no less when you consider that few Southerners actually owned slaves. The one-percent of the day owned slaves. Maybe the majority population just wanted less people to compete with for jobs, resources and opportunities. Or maybe the majority population just needed someone they could see and treat as having and being even less than they did/do, were/are.

The reason I use the word “reaction” rather than “response” in speaking about the changing colors, as it were, is telling. A “reaction” by definition leaves little to thought it is knee jerk instinct at best.

A “response” by comparison implies thought and options to choose from.

History records that those of the majority population in Southern states did not and do not take well to the notion of sharing US Constitutional rights with their fellow citizens who are of color.

The slave-state legacy is an entitlement

Twelve (12) years a slave? Try more than four hundred. Even today we have at best "Slavery by Another Name." This is especially so across the South of this nation.

Southern Blue states turned red again

Don’t forget that a full century after the Civil War (there’s an oxymoron) Southerners again changed color in violent reaction to policies promoted by one of their own, Lyndon Baines Johnson’s, efforts to pass a law in '64 to give those who “ain't got, a little more.” Again Southerners reacted just as violently as they had a century earlier and again changed colors. This time Southerners returned to their truer color, Red. There they remain a half century later.

Red or Blue the prevailing misanthropic philosophies of the majority Texas red population do not change.

The reason office holders and majority population changed colors twice since 1860 has little to do with changing philosophy. Southerners’ philosophies didn’t change when their colors turned. That is the one thing that can be counted upon. It’s always the same philosophy.

The South’s aging, dwindling majority population is more likely to be racist, xenophobic, homophobic, misanthropic, misogynistic and anti-union. They are more likely to favor the corporate prison-industrial complex, the US apartheid public education system, healthcare for the wealthy and simultaneously mega-temples and the death penalty. These ideas the majority Southern population considers immutable slave-state legacies, entitlements and birthrights. Not to put too fine a point on it, the fine folk of the South consider themselves the model for what the entire nation should be.

The US system is a caste system by design

Birth is destiny in the US just as it is everywhere else. Are there exceptions to this general rule? Well of course, there is. There’s little that is absolute. Then again it is also true that once in a great while someone wins the lottery.

Certainly Southerners don’t consider the Bill of Rights absolute unless in some twisted, tortured, tormented way the Bill of Rights indeed stand for “smaller government”, less taxes and “less government interference.”

Rights and opportunities created and protected by the US Constitution and Bill of Rights shouldn’t depend on luck. On the main, those who cry the cry of “government interference” are usually the ones oppressing, gaming the system in their favor and violating the US Constitution.

Change is difficult if not impossible for most.

Perhaps that is why the “status quo” prevails. Of course the status quo is great if you happen to be in the top one percent of the US economic and wealth spectrum. However, if like at least 99 percent of the US population you are not in the top one-percent---then not so much.

Sadly, the majority population of the South just as has been the case for two centuries is not in the top one-percent of the economic and wealth population of the state or nation. Notwithstanding, the majority population do benefit from their segregationist ways. There is less competition for jobs, resources and opportunities---for the majority population that is.

Red or blue it’s all about green

If the last few national and even local elections have taught anything at all it is that as things stand today, “all politics are green not local.” Yes, you may quote me on that, please.

No one can assume an office of any scale in the US if they have not been vetted and approved by the one-percent. It is the mechanism by which, just as in any Third World country, the top one-percent stays in power.

The appearance that there are so many “candidates” to choose from is an illusion at best. All of those candidates have been vetted and approved. The one-percent doesn’t care which of their lapdogs is elected.

I remind my moderate friends and family--- five years ago you really believed you were going to get “Change!” and “Transparency!!” How’s that working out for you?

The whole purpose for office holders becoming office holders in the first place is maintaining the status quo for the one-percent they serve lapdog style. The rub is that those lapdogs act so mighty, haughty and self-righteous, in all ways better than those they were “elected” to serve. That is repugnant, disgusting and no better than having a monarch just more of them.

Are there exceptions to this general rule? Well, of course there is. See “The US system is a caste system by design” above.

Besides; the one-percent must leave a few office-holding outliers in place to create the illusion of “freedom” and “democracy.”

The bottom line is that Red or Blue the majority of those seeking office need Green in order to run viable campaigns. If those running for office under our present predetermined machinations want to win they have to serve the one-percent. So will it make one tiny, hairy rat’s ass bit of difference for the marginalized and oppressed of Texas red if the state turns blue? If you believe it will---you haven’t been paying attention.

“That's just the way it is
Some things'll never change (right)
That's just the way it is”

From Texas Red: a cratered landscape of for profit prisons, deplorable apartheid public education, lack of healthcare and politicians and majority population intent on keeping it that way…

Hasta Siempre,

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