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7 Reasons to use horsetail for hair health

Horsetail with silica may support healthy, vibrant hair
Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Summertime has arrived! And the sun, surf, pool and other environmental elements can play havoc with hair.

If your hair becomes brittle, weak and fragile during the heat of the summer, then there may be a natural solution to reinvigorate your locks.

Enter an herb call Horsetail. Concentrated in the dried stems of Horsetail is a mineral called Silica. Silica is great for hair health.

Herbalists often recommend horsetail, a plant abundant in the essential trace mineral Silica, to promote healthy hair.

The name comes from the appearance of the mature plant, which resembles a horse’s tail.

Here are the top seven reasons you should consider horsetail:

  1. Silica, found in high concentrations in Horsetail, is essential for the formation of protein in the hair. (Horsetail is one of the richest plant sources of Silica)
  2. Horsetail has been found to strengthen hair and fingernails -- parts of the body that require high mineral levels
  3. The nutrients in Horsetail help provide nourishment to your hair for a healthy appearance
  4. Silica from Horsetail may add luster and thickness to hair when used regularly
  5. Horsetail may reduce fragility and breakage of hair by strengthening its cuticle
  6. Horsetail may naturally strengthen, nourish and enhance the growth of hair
  7. Some studies show that consuming adequate amounts of silica may help maintain the health and vibrancy of the hair and scalp

Remember, your inner health can be reflected in your outer beauty. There is no better place to start your beauty program than from within.

Take Action

Silica can be found in some foods such as leeks, green beans, garbanzo beans, strawberries, cucumber, mango, celery, asparagus and rhubarb.

Since many do not consume these foods in adequate quantities, a Horsetail/Silica supplement may help.

There are many dietary supplements for healthy hair available. Just assure the label lists this key nutrient as “horsetail (silica) extract.”

The “extract form” of an herb will to assure it has been sourced and tested to contain a concentrated and standardized amount of the therapeutic ingredients.

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