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7 Rainy Day Fun Activites

Activities for children on a rainy day
Activities for children on a rainy day

What do you do with the small children when it is a rainy day?

1) Build a fort. Place a blanket over a card table and have the general defend the fort. On the other hand, you could have a castle and a princess that needs to be rescued.

2) Have a craft day. Get out the craft supplies and have them use their creativity to make items for gifts.

3) Start a band. Open up the kitchen, pull out pots and pans for a drummer, use toilet paper rolls to make a variety of shakers (different sounds are made with different items like beans or rice inside the roll). Add small bells to a piece of belt, or to the outer edge of an oatmeal top for a tambourine.

4) Have an art day. Bring out the paints, crayons, paper, etc for your little artist.

5) Start a new book. Find one that you can enjoy reading with your child, to help them learn to read better, or just to start a new time spent with them. The Narnia series is a great read.

6) Start a journal. Help your youngster start early with their walk in the Lord. Show them or help them write notes about what they learned in the Word today.

7) Have a Praise-a-thon. Turn up the praise and worship music and enjoy the time praising the Lord.

Whatever you decide to do, do it all as unto the Lord.

Join me on Facebook and tell me how you spent your rainy day with your children.

P.S. # 8 - Play in the rain!!

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