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7 of the Hottest Celebrity Bangs That Will Make You Want to Get Bangs

Ever considered getting bangs but never committed to it? Wondering whether they will suit you? Never fear, take your cue from several women who’ve tried the look and improved on it. Check out seven styles of bangs on beloved celebrities and see how each make it work.

First up is megastar singer, Taylor Swift. For a long time the southern belle rocked the long haired perm, in the midst of which her bangs were lost. Recently, she’s changed it up wearing a fringe front and center with straightened hair. Cut blunt, the bangs touch the tops of her eyelashes, drawing attention to and making the eyes look smoky and full of stories. It renders a sophisticated, yet age appropriate fun look.

Bangs aren’t just for the young however. First Lady Michelle Obama literally made national news when she got a haircut, complete with tastefully uneven bangs that frame her eyes and emphasize her smile. The look works for her, adding a little youth and bounce to the woman with an entire nation’s eyes on her. They can even be blown out to the sides to suit more sober occasions, allowing room for freedom.

Emma Stone has been increasing in popularity not only as young Spiderman’s paramour but as a style icon for many women. She currently sports soft blonde locks with wispy bangs that can be worn right in front or to the side and yes, even a blend of the two. To the side, they augment the eyes, with a blend you can draw attention to your mouth or let gravity do its magic and achieve a pretty, natural look.

The Good Witch’s wavy locks are no match for Michelle Williams’ unique pixie do, with bangs worn in a very biased side part. They start short at one side and end long on her jaw at the opposite side. It’s easy to question whether or not one could pull it off, but the style is versatile, allowing you to wear it messily while still looking fashionable or slick it back flat, to accentuate the face. A little bit of length doesn’t hurt, in fact, it raises the chic meter.

There are blunt bangs and side bangs and even super side bangs, but how do you get that messy yet still groomed look? English TV host and model, Alexa Chung has just that perfect balance. Her bangs are uneven and imperfect, which only helps to increase the fun factor. They require little maintenance, which can be a relief for those who want to look cute daily without too much effort.

If still not convinced enough to make the decision to chop some locks, Mena Suvari, the American Beauty has just the solution. Set your layered hair to the side, to slightly cover your eye and voila! You have fake bangs. These ‘faux’ bangs are great for a test run until you finally make a decision, whilst still maintaining a length enough for you to gather a ponytail.

A legitimate worry is wondering what happens when your bangs grow longer. Will they have to be pinned back, will they constantly get in the eyes? Australian beauty, Rose Byrne skipped that phase by sweeping her outgrown bangs to the side. With a little bit of setting, you can avoid the hassle of unruly bangs altogether.

These women have made bangs work for them no matter the style. Bangs are a great way to add life to your face and hair, not to mention they immediately draw the gaze. There isn’t a limit to ways you can wear them, just follow the lead of these seven women who prove that bangs are the way to go.

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