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$7 million shoplifting spree: Sticky fingered family sees dad stay in jail

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The head of the family who orchestrated a shoplifting spree that netted $7 million over a decade will stay in jail, as he is considered a flight risk by the judge. Branko Bogdanov, his wife and daughter traveled the nation together stealing enough goods to support a lavish mansion and lifestyle.

According to the AP News via Yahoo on March 10, the family was extremely good at their craft, the wife even had a long black skirt with many hidden pockets. She is seen on store’s surveillance tapes going in looking like she’s wearing an A-line skirt.

It is on the way out that the skirt gets big and full, stuffed with their pilfered goods of the day. Dad is facing up to 10-years in prison for his part as head honcho of these shoplifting sprees. Bogdanvov, 58, emigrated from Yugoslavia in 1973 and is considered someone who might flee if he is facing a decade in jail.

Prosecutor Renato Mariotti said in court that “the defendant has nothing to lose, I think if we let him go… he’ll disappear." The king of shoplifting also mislead the government claiming he was almost $30,000 in debt.

$7 million shoplifting: Family arrested in decade-long shoplifting spree

Along with his 12 vehicles, including a Corvette and a Lexus, he has a mansion in his name worth $1.3 million. Bogdanov and his wife and daughter were charged, but none have entered their plea as of yet.

Bogdanov’s lawyer argued for his client’s release, but that didn’t happen. The Bogdanov family was caught after a few of the bigger stores alerted law enforcement on their shopping habits. Watching the trio they were soon able to catch them in the act and they have video recordings from stores they visited.

Besides selling their stolen goods to certain folks in their area, they also sold the stolen items on eBay. One of their customers, who used to buy their stolen goods, has come forth as a witness. It looks as if they have a lot on this guy and his family.



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