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$7 million shoplifting spree: Bogdanov family accused of shoplifting


The Bogdanov family is accused of having a $7 million shoplifting spree that went on for years. The Peoria Journal Star reports on March 5 that the entire family participated in the spree and traveled together to other states. They targeted multiple stores to resell the items on eBay and had an accomplice help them sell the products.

A mother, father and daughter are accused of shoplifting across the United States in an effort to supply their flourishing eBay business. Although they shoplifted goods worth a total of $7 million, many of the individual items were only worth several hundred dollars and ranged from American Girl dolls to baby monitors.

Lela, Branko and Julia Bogdanov were caught on their latest shoplifting spree that took them through three states over the course of several days. Security footage shows Lela wearing a long, black skirt that has hidden compartments for stolen items. The family targeted Oklahoma, Texas and Louisiana on their latest spree, but they have visited other states in the past.

The Bogdanov family went after popular retailers such as Toys “R” Us to steal toys and baby items. Along with an accomplice who has not been identified because of this person’s cooperation with authorities, they resold the items on eBay and turned their shoplifting into a business. They now face the possibility of 10 years in jail with a $250,000 fine for each person.