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$7 million shoplifting: Family arrested in decade-long shoplifting spree

Shoplifting family nets millions over a decade of practicing their craft, now they get jail!
Shoplifting family nets millions over a decade of practicing their craft, now they get jail!
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A family that shoplifts together, stays together and that now includes going to prison together. A Chicago father, mother and adult daughter’s shoplifting spree that netted the trio an estimated $7 million has come to a screeching halt, according to MSN on March 6.

The Bogdanov family’s shoplifting habit spans a decade and goes across the nation as they made trips in many states while they practiced their deceitful craft of shoplifting. Branko Bogdanov, 58, and his wife, Lela Bogdanov, 52, traveled with their 34-year-old daughter, Julia Bogdanov, to stores all over the nation including Florida, Maryland and Tennessee.

Video surveillance cameras from a few stores around the nation showed the family in action. The United States Secret Service was contacted by several of the stores who happened to see the Bogdanov’s on their store video surveillance. The Secret Service led the investigation and the trio was arrested at their $1.3 million dollar Northbrook mansion this week.

A witness who purchased some of the shoplifting merchandise from the family through the years also came forward to help the authorities with the case. The Bogdanov's have also sold $690,000 worth of the stolen goods on eBay, the complaint also said. The trio will be held at least until their hearing next week, according to MSN today.

Lela Bogdanov had a special outfit for her shoplifting journeys, she donned a long black skirt chock-full of compartments. On some of the videos she is seen going into a store with that skirt on and on the way out it miraculously gets so much bigger and fuller in size. Lela wiped away the tears when she appeared in court today while the judge explained her rights with the help of a Romani translator.