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7 Know how's of communication

girl listening and motioning with hand
girl listening and motioning with hand

Knowing how to communicate is pertinent to any relationship. Without the know-how to express yourself to others, you are more likely to find yourself on a downward spiral in the relationship department. Take heed to these tips, and you are sure to be on your way to effective communication.

1. Know how to submit.
A submissive man is as much needed as a submissive woman. Giving a little more of yourself and becoming more attentive through your actions is a good thing. Women, let your mate take control and emanate those masculine qualities that you long for. You can not do it all by yourself. It’s great to be independent. Having a relationship is a choice and it takes work, but being alone takes no effort.  You make the call. And men, allow her to display her independence through your submission. As much as a woman is independent, she is dependent. If she has chosen you she counts on you for your support and understanding. She counts on you to know when to handle her with ease and when to handle her sternly. Finesse her. You’ll get the response you’re looking for.

2. Listen to empathize/understand. Don’t listen to merely rebut or counter.
It can be very annoying to express your thoughts to your mate only to receive negative remarks, complaints, or disregard. Listen. Don’t listen to judge your mate’s character. It’s not about what you think they did wrong or what you think they should do differently. It’s about your acknowledgement. So acknowledge and empathize and if you can understand—that’s a plus.

3. If your strength is your mates weakness—lend a hand.
That’s the beauty of a relationship—learning and growing with each other. If your mate appears to be stagnant in a certain area, then suggest ways to become more active and motivated together. Sometimes it takes a small, simple, thoughtful effort to get a big, well-worth it reaction.

4. Know how to admit you’re wrong.
It’s very sexy to admit you’re wrong. There’s no honor in having an ego so big that you become the exception to admitting your wrongs to those you sincerely care for.

5. Take your mates suggestions seriously.
You don’t know everything. When you ignore your mate’s suggestions, you’re ignoring their thoughts and their offerings to the relationship. Who wants to feel dismissed or insignificant? Start with taking their suggestions for a new weekend event. Horse carriage riding through downtown Atlanta might not be too bad after you get past the smell. Realize that what your mate is trying to suggest is having a new experience.

6. Say what you mean and mean what you say.
This is a classic adage, but it’s so true. Get to the point. You shouldn’t have to feel as if you can not say what you truly want to say to your mate due to the fear of them becoming defensive. But be constructive in your conveyance. Calling names never yields a positive wanted action or reaction.

7. Talk it out.
Talk, talk, talk. One of the top ten reasons why relationships fail is because people stop talking and they give up. No one wants to be with someone who quits on them. This displays a lack of faith.

If you didn’t know how before, you have seven reasons now. Apply them and you are sure to see an improvement in your communication with your mate.


  • Norah 5 years ago

    I'm leaving a bad relationship and want to take time to work on myself and find tools to help me have a more healthy relationship the next time. Your 7 tips are awesome!! I'm printing this article so I can refer to it when I meet Mr. Right!! Thanks!

  • Sandy 5 years ago

    Great advice. Unfortunately not everyone is receptive to the talk, talk, talk, and taking your mate seriously. Although our relationship was not all bad, I love my husband still even though we are going to get that divorce. ( If I had not married him I would not have had the best children and extended family a person could ask for. Thank you for being my little sister. and yes I subscribed to your articles. Love you!

  • o 5 years ago

    number 1,3 and 4 i can agree with.the others are the same o same on.

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