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7 Key Technology Products to be Promoted at CES 2014

Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

This year’s CES convention will showcase several exciting new technologies. A wide range of electronic firms are showing new products that will show off new directions in television, video, 3D printing and more. From Samsung to Audi, there will be greater degree of divarication of product lineups as opposed to past CES shows. Aside from standard product announcements, several key technologies will start to be presented as possible mature product lines in 2014. Perhaps the more important products will include seven technologies product lineups including 4K Televisions, 4K video products, Mobile wearable computing devices, 3D printers, and new video game systems.

Here is a brief breakdown of these product lineups:

4K Televisions

2014 is expected to be a major year for launching more affordable 4K televisions around the world. Sony, Samsung, LG, and other manufactures are expected to demo television units featuring ultra-high resolution systems at CES. LG is believed to be showing its new curved 4K Televisions. Polaroid is also expected show a lower cost 50” 4K TV model.

4K Video Systems

To helping provide content for 4K Televisions, a number of companies including Netflix and Sony are presenting new products that stream 4K videos. Netflix is expected to showcase new agreements to create 4K content including House of Cards over its network. YouTube will also be showing its new 4K video streaming service.

Mobile Wearable Devices

Smart watches, glassware, and other types of wearable computers are expected to be on display at CES 2014. While Google Glass is still being developed, a number of manufacturers are working on their versions of Glass including Vuzix and Innovega. Other companies will be showcasing more fitness and sports oriented wearable computing devices.

3D Printers

3D printing increasingly is being adopted among technologists and this year should be a good showing for new printing products. A range of newer, less expensive 3D printers is expected which lower price tags than in years past. One hot newcomer is expected to be Pirate3DP’s new printer.

Video Gaming

This year will bring updates to the traditional video game market including new games for the recently released PS4 and Xbox One. However, there are also a number of startup companies creating new consoles including a VR based system called Occulus Rift. Steam’s anticipated Steam OS based box is also expected to be demonstrated.


This year there are a range of new smartphones being showcased at CES. Many of these units include large screen “phablet” devices. Samsung is expected to showcase new smartphones featuring their new Exynos chips. Other smartphones are expected from ZTE, Archos, Lenovo, Meizu, LG, Sony, and other manufacturers.


Samsung is expected to showcase a large 12” tablet. Other companies including Polaroid, Acer, Archos, Asus, and Lenovo are expecting show new tablets.

Car Computing Devices

A number of new devices, to enhance interactivity of electronics inside cars, will debut this year. Manufacturers are working on smartphones, interactive dashboards, and other products. Audi is expected to showcase new 4G connectivity networking in their new models.

In Conclusion

All of these different product technologies are expected to be heavily pushed into the market this year. Perhaps one of the biggest pushes is with wearable computing. However, only time will tell if the market is ready for such devices and rather the technology is ready for widespread adoption. On the other hand, popular devices such as new smartphones are almost certainly expected to be successful. CES 2014 will provide an eye opening view of the near future and what products are expected to be marketed.

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