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7 great business ideas for kids

At an age when most kids are learning multiplication and mastering the art of bike riding, some children are already full fledged business owners. If you have a budding entrepreneur of your own, these ideas might just spark a new business venture in your home.

1. Yard work. Nearly every child has had to mow the lawn or pull weeds at some point in their life, but what if they were paid to do this? There are many people who are willing to pay a strong young back to help out around the yard. Kids can hand out flyers or go door to door offering their services. The elderly and anyone who is too busy to mow their own lawn will appreciate this type of service.

2. Pet sitting. When a pet owner has to travel or otherwise be away from home, they may want to hire someone to look after their animals when they are away. This is the perfect job for a child since they are well suited to playing with animals. If your child is responsible enough for this job, he or she can put up flyers or talk to people they hear are planning a trip.

3. Lemonade stand. This is an oldie, but a goody. Serving chilled lemonade on a hot day is a great way to make some extra cash. Kids can take their lemonade stand to the next level by offering homemade cookies along with the refreshing beverage or even providing a delivery service to businesses in the area. Keep an eye out for events such as marathons, which will bring plenty of thirsty people your way.

4. Tutoring. Any kid who is particularly good in a subject and able to explain it can be a tutor. For many students, it is easier to learn from a peer, rather than an adult. Put up ads in the school newspaper or let the office know that tutoring services are available. The best part is that business will be done outside of school hours, making it easy to schedule.

5. Blogging. It takes time and patience to build up an income on a blog, but kids are just as suited to this as adults. In fact, children can offer a unique perspective that may draw additional attention. You might be surprised at how quickly a young person can create a successful blog. Earnings may come from ads or affiliate links. Kids who are interested in this as a business idea can begin on a free platform, like Blogger, and use affiliate links from Amazon in reviews they write.

6. Farm stand. Kids who live on a farm can take over a plot of land and farm it themselves, selling their produce at a farm stand. This is a fun way to make some money and kids can focus on specific offerings, such as fresh herbs, salad greens or even eggs if they want to raise chickens.

7. Arts and crafts. For the creative types, sites like eBay and Etsy make it simple to sell crafts. Young people can come up with unique ideas and create their own products to sell. It's a good idea to study up on this type of business before you set up a store, but it can be quite lucrative with the right products and some promotion.

These are just a handful of ideas for getting kids earning. There is no reason a child can't start a business like any adult. All they need to do is look at their passion and figure out how to earn money with it.

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