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7 Games in 2010 that could have sucked (but didn't) (Part 2)


  • Frank Burns 5 years ago

    Heavy Rain was the most amazing storytelling ever seen in a game, apart from Uncharted, Final Fantasy or MGS of course.

    Unfortunately, it was the last - gen trash like Halo: Reach and Alan Wake that completely flopped in 2010. Microsoft have a history of over - promosing but delivering cheap knock - off's with last - gen graphics. Heavy Rain, GT5 and GOW 3 were amazing on PS3 but the crap - tastic nonsense of the Halo franchise has gotten beyond a joke, it's just the same old boring garbage year after year, it's become more stale than Rock Band.

    360 losers may enjoy this nonsense but Halo isn't worth a damn to a rela gamer, it's just the PS3 games that actually deliver on the hype and everyone knows it.

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