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7 Games in 2010 that could have sucked (but didn't)

Heavy Rain
Heavy Rain

Each year, there are certain video games that players just know will be awesome.

On the other hand, there are video games that look like they’re not going to be any good. Maybe it’s because the developers aren’t exactly renowned for making quality titles, or maybe it’s just because the graphics don’t look up to par. Maybe the gameplay appears to be bland and derivative. For whatever reasons, these games looked simply unappealing.

Early impressions, though, can be entirely wrong, as the following five titles clearly indicate. Despite not looking particularly stellar at first, these video games defied all expectations by being pretty awesome instead of being terribly mediocre.

Alien vs Predator (Rebellion Developments)

Though the “Alien vs Predator” franchise has always enjoyed a considerable degree of success in the past, the big question was whether Rebellion Development, who had most recently developed two absolute train wrecks – “Shellshock 2” and “Rogue Warrior” – actually had the necessary skills to get the job done.

The end result was a fairly competent shooter that did a surprisingly decent job of recreating the intensity and horror of the original “AvP” games on the PC. It wasn’t perfect, but between the thrills of gunning down aliens using pulse rifles and decapitating marines using hideously gory executions, it clearly proved to be one of Rebellion’s best games in the last several years and a worthy purchase for fans of either the “Aliens” and “Predators” franchise.

Heavy Rain (Quantic Dream)

“Heavy Rain” challenged the conventional definition of video games and delivered an experience that was more interactive cinema than actual gaming. You could control your character’s actions to a certain extent, but the majority of the game was spent watching events unfold. Whether or not Quantum Dream (who had also developed “Indigo Prophecy” several years prior) would actually be able to pull this off and create a narrative that was compelling enough to keep gamers hooked without being able to shoot something in the head every five seconds was the big question.

The trailers leading up to its release made it look doubtful (particularly due to the hideous voice acting –a problem that still existed in the final version of the game), but “Heavy Rain” managed to not only enthrall gamers with its murder mystery storyline, but also reinforced the notion that video games and movies are hardly incompatible forms of media.


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