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7 fun, interesting, and favorite Super Bowl commercials

Though the game was not close, the ads were interesting. Check's report, dated Feb. 2, of their favorites and keep on reading here for seven ads that made us laugh, surprised us, or were just plain interesting.

The Denver Broncos didn't catch up with the Seattle Seahawks in New Jersey last night
Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images

1. Weirdest Super Bowl ad: What were those weird dogs with the big heads in the Audi commercial? The message was that Audi doesn't compromise. The small dog, handbag-sized, with the big head of a Doberman, represented a compromise the couple made when they both wanted different dogs. Singer Sara McLaughlan made a cameo appearance in this ad.

2. Biggest surprise: Bob Dylan sells Chryslers. In pool halls and other places with nostalgic photos in the background. We were surprised to see him there. He's very recognizable. It would have been fun to hear him sing more songs, too. The message: buy American cars. "Let Germany brew your beer. We will build your car." Check it out here.

3. Goldie Blox are cute bunch of toys that little girls used to build a rocket that takes off toward space. This ad is for a small business promoted on a GoDaddy website; GoDaddy paid for the ad.

4. Ellen DeGeneres also had a commercial with a Three Bears theme, like the name Goldie Blox. Ellen's was an ad for Beats Music, which she controlled with an iPhone 5s. She danced with people dressed as bears and other animals, after trying a few types of music and choosing the one that was just right for her. Here's a link to it on

5. Sonos Wireless HiFi offered a home technology alternative: a whole-house home audio system that turned a white apartment red and blue with lighting and mood music. Music services Pandora and Spotify showed up within the Sonos ad. Check it out here.

6. Early in the game, a series of Budweiser ads took Ian, an everyman-type young guy, out on the town in a long red limousine with rappers singing and playing inside it. Ian partied, seemed to be enjoying himself, and eventually played ping pong with Arnold Schwarzenegger. The Governator was almost difficult to recognize but his identity was obvious when he spoke.

7. Our favorite Super Bowl ad: The Doritos Time Machine. A young boy talks a man named Mr. Smith into trying out his time machine, which is a large cardboard box with a slot that requires Doritos to run. Mr. Smith gets into the box and feeds the Doritos into the slot, which of course goes straight int othe boy's hands on the outside. The boy makes noise with a handheld megaphone and moves the box with his feet so the man will think the time machine is working. Then the boy gets called away. A much older man is standing by the time machine, when Mr. Smith comes out of the box. Seeing the old man, Smith thinks the boy has aged and the time machine works; he gets very excited and hugs the old man. See it in the video attached to this article.

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