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7 free game apps for Android worth getting today

Today's list of seven free game apps for Android worth getting today starts with Android's free game app, “Farm Heroes Saga”. This new free game app arrives on Android after being a hit on Facebook. Because this free game app syncs with its Facebook version—users can play on either an Android mobile device or Facebook, according to a Jan. 2 report in Android Community.

“Farm Heroes Saga” is designed by the creators or “Candy Crush Saga”. Rather than matching candy however, you match farm products while fighting boss fights against Rancid the Raccoon.

Being downloaded a lot today too is “Flying Flea”, a free app. In this endless runner Android game, you help four fleas fly through a grassy underground cave while avoiding walls and other objects. This app supports Game Center and there are 40 different achievements.

Very popular today is the free Android app, “Enemy Lines-Real-Time Strategy”. Here you train troops, develop air units and vehicles with special skills, develop alliances—and then go head-to-head against other players in intense battles. This free app offers weekly tournaments.

Also popular today is “CastleVille Legends”, a free game where you explore magical lands, expand your kingdom, trade goods and discover treasure and magical places. An internet connect isn't required so you can play this game anywhere.

A really popular Android download today is the free app, “Bypass Labyrinth”. This fast-paced puzzle game's goal is to direct a ball into an exit within the allotted time.

All these game apps can be downloaded for free at the Android store, Google Play.

Amazon's App Store for Android is giving away as a free gift today, “Munch Time”, an app that is normally 99 cents. In this game you help a chameleon catch lunch by way of a zany mash of puzzles and challenges that will keep you entertained. In order for the chameleon to eat the flowers for lunch, he must change color, but in order to change color, he must catch certain flies...get the idea?

Talking about pets, Amazon's app store has another cool Android app that's super-hot in popularity too. It's called “Dream Fish” and its for anyone who has ever owned tropical fish as pets—or who ever wanted to. In this free app, you choose fish and feed, care for, and breed them. You also build a fish tank (or as many as you want) and decorate it (or them). When you raise your fish, you can sell them to purchase more fish and equipment.

This reporter will be back again with a list of free game apps for Android worth getting.

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