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7 fashionable ways to wear white after Labor Day

Here are seven great ways to wear white after Labor Day.
Here are seven great ways to wear white after Labor Day.
Photo by GCardinal – Creative Commons Licensing

Does Labor Day really spell the end of wearing white fashions and accessories until Memorial Day rolls around next year?

Say it isn’t so, fashionistas.

Style mavens have long cautioned women and men to pack up their white apparel and accessories after Labor Day. These pristine items have traditionally been considered taboo throughout the cold-weather months, so style-conscious individuals may stow them until Memorial Day comes in the spring.

Head-to-toe white ensembles are difficult to pull off from Labor Day to Memorial Day. Even in tropical resort environments, women and men tend to select more colorful clothing during this stretch. And most know enough to put away white canvas and patent leather belts, purses, and shoes for the off-seasons.

Still, stylish ladies and gents exercise boldness, transgressing traditional fashion rules and incorporating bright whites into their post-summer wardrobes.

Here are seven great ways to wear white after Labor Day.

Most of these fashion tips are aimed at women, although many of these posh principles may be tailored for men as well.

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1. Catch a bright white cardigan.

A clean white cardigan sweater or even a spotless white jean jacket can be a style booster anytime. Pair it with tailored trousers, a neutral pencil skirt, or even a super pair of denims. Add a string of earthy or jewel-toned beads, and step into some dressy boots for an autumn bonfire or harvest festival.

2. Slip on a pearly scarf.

Dress up an autumn ensemble with a crisp white scarf or a knit shawl. Choose one with embroidery, metallic embellishments ,or a pretty pattern in favorite colors.

3. Boast a best white blouse.

White is always wonderful for ruffled blouses, tuxedo pleated shirts, and tailored tops. Maybe that ethereal off-the-shoulder gauzy peasant blouse and that white sailor shirt can wait till next summer, but a well-constructed sturdier top may be ideal for fall.

Zip up a pair of black dress pants or a super skirt for year-round style.

4. Jump into chalk white jeans.

White jeans may be regarded as fashion no-no’s after Labor Day, but this need not be the case, as long as they fit perfectly. Shrug into a fabulous oversized autumn blouse, a classic navy blazer or a comfy boyfriend sweater. Step into some spiffy bright shoes.

5. Try a trendy plain white tee.

A plain and spotless white tee shirt is a fashion staple for any season. Skip the cheap and skimpy jerseys, and spring for quality. Forgo the flimsy versions. If you can identify the lace on your bra, your tee is too thin. Top the tee with a terrific jean jacket or a v-neck cashmere sweater.

6. Hunker down in a snow white hoodie.

For a clean casual look, grab a fresh white zippered or pullover sweatshirt. Nothing says cozy autumn or winter comfort like a pristine soft hoodie.

7. Cover a clean ivory camisole.

Don’t pack those summer white camisoles and tank tops just yet. Stick them under sheer blouses to prevent peek-through and add a little warmth, as the weather turns cooler.

White can be wonderful, even after Labor Day.

Bright whites need not be banned, just because the boardwalks have closed and boats have been pulled from harbors. Just be sure to choose more substantial fabrics, and don’t overdo it.

In addition, several light neutral shades may be fashionable and flattering in the colder months. Cream, ivory and winter white items may be seen as trendy for the holiday season, in particular.

Go ahead, if you dare. Flash your pearly white fashions after Labor Day.

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