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7 famous actors who were bodybuilders

Bodybuilding may not seem like the conventional way to break into Hollywood, but several bodybuilders have gone on to build successful careers in the movie industry. In a competitive business where type casting and looks play a critical role in finding work, these successful actors found a way to use their talents, athleticism, and physiques to build outstanding acting careers and successful movies. (View Slideshow)

Vin Diesel. "Riddick". These 7 actors were bodybuilders before their acting careers began
Photo by Jesse Grant

It makes sense that the transition occurred despite the labeling bodybuilders can get. Although they are sometimes known more for their bodies than their brains, bodybuilding is an art and does require a significant amount of intelligence. The art of sculpting the body is a creative process, much like making movies. It takes an ability to turn a vision into reality to be a successful actor just like it does a bodybuilder.

These actors had a way of transitioning the vision they used to create their physiques to create movies and roles that will be remembered. A few of them met significant resistance for several years before finally catching their big break. It was difficult and challenging finding casting directors and producers who would take them seriously.

While some were told they were "too big", their physiques were "too weird", others were just ignored altogether. It was difficult to find the right roles they would fit with a muscular and over dominating look.

But just like never giving up on a heavy weightlifting set until they reached their goal, these actors used the same might and determination to give it everything they got until they finally broke into their acting careers. "Iron"-ically, they are some of the highest grossing stars and paid actors of all time. Who are some other famous actors who were bodybuilders? (View Slideshow)

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