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7 Fabulous Fall Fitness Gadgets

Fall Fitness
Fall Fitness
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Happy Fall Atlanta! If you're anything like me, you are enjoying this gorgeous fall weather that Atlanta has. This is when I take to the trails for some trail running, hiking to the waterfalls or cycling on the Silver Comet Trail. I have 7 fabulous fitness gadgets that will amp up your outdoor workouts this fall and really get you to the next level of your fitness.

Shoe Wallet:

Great for carrying ID, money or keys on your sneakers or walking shoes.
80% of people do not carry id when they work outdoors, but now there's a solution. Simply attach the shoe wallet to the front flap and you never have to worry about having any jingle in your pockets. This is also great for carrying a hotel card or credit card.

Price: $9.99;

Bag Ball Sports Bag Deodorizer:

A must have for every gym or travel bag!
It's a plastic ball the size of your tennis ball that fits in any size bag. Put in your gym bag to deodorize the sports bag for 3-4 months. As you carry your bag, any movement allows odor-neutralizing compound to destroy smells.

Price: $10; Sports Authority

Nike+ Sport Watch GPS With TomTom:

Nike unveiled the Nike+ Sport Watch GPS, created in collaboration with GPS navigation company TomTom. The intuitively designed watch has a tap-sensitive navigation screen and three buttons. Its GPS-tracking capabilities work with the Nike+ shoe sensor to deliver the most accurate pace and distance data possible; however, you don’t need the Nike+ sensor to use the watch for your workouts. It’s also compatible with heart monitors for even more data monitoring. Run reminders, recognition for personal rewards and ongoing encouragement keep you motivated before, during and after each run. After your workout, just plug the watch into the USB port on your computer to send your information to

Price: $200

Garmin Forerunner 110 GPS sports watch:

Garmin produces a range of sports watches under its Forerunner brand, with the 110 GPS sports watch being the most affordable. The Forerunner 110 is perfect for the all-rounder who wants a funky-looking watch that is also going to make those cold winter jogs seem that little bit more appealing.

Garmin's Forerunner 110 records the time, distance and pace of your run. No bells and whistles. The GPS tracks your run, so all you need to do is press start, run, then press stop.

Price: $150

Body Bugg - Calorie Management System:

The Body Bugg system has been getting quite a bit of buzz for its fitness technology. The Body Bugg measures the number of calories burned using specialized sensors, which according to the company website, are over 90% accurate. The Body Bugg manages calorie consumption through a web based program which is free for the first six months and then will run the user approximately $10 a month. The Body Bugg is worn on the arm. Its fitness technology allows it to measure the user's motion and steps and also to use the users sweat and skin temperature to monitor activity level.

Price: $249;

Adidas miCoach training system:

The new Adidas miCoach training system promises to help you in your quest to 'run yourself better' by measuring your heartbeat and providing real-time audio coaching and encouragement as you run.

You can use Adidas' little running trainer gizmo with your own headphones or MP3 player, measuring your heart rate, pace, distance and calories burned off. The miCoach will tell you to increase, decrease or maintain your effort depending on which of four 'heart rate zones' you are currently in.

Price: $100


A new fitness gadget, it is a wireless 3D pedometer and a diet monitoring system that tracks your weight and keeps an online record The device itself is small and can be clipped on to one's clothes. It contains a motion sensor similar to the ones found in the Nintendo Wii controller. It is capable of sensing motion in three dimensions and converts the data tracked into information about user's daily activities. FitBit actually measures the intensity and duration of the physical activities, calories burned, steps taken, distance traveled, how long it took to fall asleep, number of times the user woke up through the night and how long they were actually asleep versus just lying in bed. When the user passes by a wireless base station the device transmits all the collected data to the website where it is processed.

Price: $100

Now, there's a little something for everyone - from the beginner runner to the Boot Camp maverick! Lace up those sneaks and enjoy this beautiful fall weather!!


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