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7-Eleven Day 2014: 7-Eleven freebies week starts with Slurpee giveaway on 7/11

7-Eleven freebies week starts today!
7-Eleven freebies week starts today!
Photo by Charley Gallay

Today is 7-Eleven Day! Of course with the date being July 11, or 7/11 what better day of the year for the most famous convenience store to give away one of its most popular products - the Slurpee. According to a Time report on July 10 all customers who visit any 7-Eleven location between 11 a.m. and 7 p.m.on July 11 can pick up a free small Slurpee.

7-Eleven stores have given away free slurpees before, but this year they are are extending the offers on free goods. 7-Eleven stores around the U.S. will be giving something away for free not just today, but all the way until July 19 and some of the giveaways are even sweeter than today's free slurpee.

Consumers will be able to score a free Big Gulp on July 12, free Hostess Twinkies on Tuesday, July 15, and a free Twix or Snickers ice cream bar on July 16. Here is even more good news for slurpee lovers, if you can't make it in today to grab a free slurpee don't worry, 7-Eleven will be giving them away again free of charge on Saturday, July 19.

Their is one catch for folks during the free giveaway week. Today's giveaway requires nothing but showing up, filling your cup with any flavor slurpee you like, and walking out the door. However, to collect all the freebies 7-Eleven has to offer starting Saturday, July 12 you have to download the 7-Eleven app to your smartphone or tablet.

For a complete list of everyday giveaways be sure to click here, and for more information on how to download the 7-Eleven app for your device you can click here.

Now what are you waiting for, get ready to head off to your closest 7-Eleven and enjoy a slurpee!

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